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  • 616 Carlton Ave New York, NY 11238 - Prospect Heights
    Cars traveling on Prospect Pl. often do a rolling stop at Carlton Ave. Pedestrians crossing that intersection are put at risk.
  • 1234 Saint Johns Place brooklyn, new york - Crown Heights
    The post office at 11213 has been mishandling customers for years, the public here does not believe the government even cares and therefore there is no outcry! Stop the long lines, make a package drop off so u don't have to wait a hour to drop off a pre posted package. Get more competent staff!
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 1700 Albemarle Rd. Brooklyn, NY 11226 - City Council District 36
    Management consistently gives inadequate heating or no heat at all for long stretches of time. There's been multiple complaints to 311 and management but nothing as changed. I'm thinking about contacting a lawyer.
  • Brooklyn NY 11213, USA - City Council District 36
    925 Prospect Place, Brooklyn, NY 11213. NO HEAT
  • 23 6th Avenue Brooklyn, NY - Prospect Heights
    The sidewalk is uneven and has a hole. It looks like it might collapse eventually if cars continue to park on it.
  • Nostrand Avenue Brooklyn 11216 - City Council District 36
    Nostrand Avenue is dirty and not living up to its full economic potential. Need a BID here.
  • Morningside Park new York, NY 11213, USA - City Council District 36

    The ice cream truck blares its jingle non-stop for hours on end, including when it is parked.

    This is illegal and should be stopped. No other business blares its advertisements over the neighborhood!

    The truck's information:

    Mister Softer

    License plate: 82921 JZ / New York

    Call 311 next time he's out there for hours!

  • 2721 Nostrand Ave Brooklyn, NY 11210 - Crown Heights

    Plaza Auto Mall Scam

    February 10, 2009 I bought a new car from Plaza Auto mall, 2721 Nostrand ave, Brooklyn, NY 11210
    Karl- finance guy said: "Congratulation, you bought a new car for $ 16394
    I signed a few papers and when I came home I found that on the first paper the price was $ 16 394
    and on the next paper the price was $ 22170 after 10 % APR I had to pay $ 29935 !
    The next morning I came back and Karl-financial guy said:"You signed it. Now you cannot change anything.
    It's a document."
    I've been walking back and forth to the office one month. I've been waiting for hours and hours in the
    office for one person or another. Karl always hid from me in a different building. The manager Mike-tall
    bald guy with a look "iamsosickofyou" told me that he couldn't help me because he was a sales manager but not a
    financial manager. Almost every day I talked to him asking to review the paper and correct the mistakes they've
    made. And every time he said: " Please find some one who will explain you - this is not a mistake, this is10% APR you have to pay to a bank."
    Now take a calculator and check it out.
    $ 15744 the initial price for a car
    + $1318,56 NY sales tax 8,375 %
    -$650 rebate
    + $150 inspection
    +$190 new plate
    +$12,50 fee for the old tires
    +$170 Gap insurance
    -$500 trade in / my old car/
    -$200 my check
    +$2500 extended warranty / I never asked about it and never been told a word about this kind of service /
    +$1400 - Road assistance / This amount was added without my permission /
    Total $20135
    But not $22177
    Together with 10% APR I have to pay $29935 They added HALF OF THE PRICE
    It took me 1 month to cancel this "Road assistance" / as soon as I didn't need it I had AAA for $48 a year /
    Joanna - the secretary said:" Don't expect you will get all the money, may be only some part of it. May be in
    a few weeks."
    But I've never got the refund and I am still paying 10% APR
    It took me 2 months to cancel extended warranty but I've paid 10% APR .
    They added $650 - rebate TWICE ! Then they added down payment $1330. It is PLUS to the total amount.
    Once I cried in front of two managers:"Please take this paper and check it." Nobody moved. They didn't care !
    They shared the money: Troy Esposito-sales person, Karl-finance Guy, Mike-manager and the boss of this nice "family"
    /I tried to make an appointment with him but the secretary always says he is away or busy. After I left a few messages with my name he never called me back./
    Besides there was one more interesting detail that gives me the right to call this business "criminal gang".
    I bought a small Toyota Yaris -2 doors. Instead the document says that I bought 4 doors Toyota Yaris which is more expensive /about $22000.
    You are smart enough to understand what is going on in this dealership. They buy a small car for $10000 / my guess, nobody knows the real
    Then they sell it for the price of a big expensive car. A buyer has to pay to a bank till the rest of his life.
    And car dealership shares this extra money. They don't even have to pay income tax because these are hidden charges nobody knows about
    and nobody can find it. Of course the extended warranty is total fake so is "Road membership".
    Total amount that has been stolen from my pocket is $5942 And I am paying 10% APR to a bank.
    Scam ! Fraud !
    This is Plaza Auto Mall in Brooklyn, NY - FRAUD !

  • Cary St @ Nansemond St Richmond, va - City Council District 36

    Johb can to report the pedestrain walk light not walking.

    NO. The problem has not been fixed!!!!!!!

  • 175 Prospect Place Brooklyn, NY - Prospect Heights
    The sign notifying drivers about the new speed hump is hidden behind a tree. It's nearly invisible to cars, which defeats the purpose of the bump. In the attached picture, you can see a corner of the yellow sign in the middle of the picture, across the street from the white truck.
  • 600 Gtrand Ave brooklyn, New York - Prospect Heights
    On this Grand Ave block and west side sidewalk between Park and Prospect Ave is becoming a "private" parking lot for either or both the 22nd pct Detective office at corner of ''''park Place AND especially the auto repair shop at 732 Washington. Street never gets cleaned because cars are "allowed' to park anywhere on west sidewalk and even double parked all day on block. Police ignore it. Half the block has signage alowing Detectives with permits, but clearly other half of block is ignored for months now. Because of this the street is never cleaned. What is going on here where the police can't see obvious .
  • 689 Franklin Ave Brooklyn, NY 11216, USA - Fort Greene
    This intersection is missing two Walk/Don't walk signs. Pedestrians coming south on Franklin on the east side cannot tell if they can cross. The light is not visible at that angle so there really is no way to know if the red on Prospect is about to turn green. This is a busy corridor because of the Franklin Ave Subway stop a few blocks away.