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  • 5804 Diamond Oaks Dr N Fort Worth, TX 76117, USA - Haltom City
    Cars leaving and going to golf at the country club and general through traffic is flying through the neighborhood. Perhaps the golfers are leaving the course after consuming several beers, I don't know but the traffic needs to SLOW DOWN. 30mph is the posted speed limit. Residential streets should really be 25 MPH. Either way, these people are blowing through here at ridiculous speeds.
  • road repair Acknowledged
    Service Road:820 @ Haltom Rd Haltom City, TX - Haltom City
    Many people turn right onto Haltom road here.
    The right side of the pavement has fallen away, leaving a drop off next to a deep ditch.
    What is needed is a right turn lane and road repair, before some car ends up in the ditch.
  • Pot Holes Archived
    5619-5799 W Broadway Ave Haltom City, TX 76117, USA - Haltom City
    Why I am having to report this is beyond me. City employees and police definitely have to slam into these holes daily.
  • Haltom City Haltom City, TX - Haltom City
    I see all the complaints posted here and I also see code enforcement driving around. Is there a way the citizens can be informed of what code enforcement does? I know some matters are private but it seems the people think the city is just sitting in the office until quitting time when I know they are actually out working.
  • 2100 Oakwood St Haltom City, TX 76117, USA - Haltom City
    Haltom City Public works trucks Sometimes dump truck sometimes water truck sometimes truck, hauling equiptment I have called them four times in four months. Every morning one comes by
  • Splash Zone Archived
    4839 Broadway Haltom City, TX 76117, USA - Haltom City
    I planned on bringing my family to play in the splash zone until some others told me that it is generally filled by children in their underwear. I checked and confirmed that this was the case. I suggest that a dress code is applied and enforced. If Haltom City is going to be "Proud and Progressive" then this should stop. As it is, this consolidates the reputation that Haltom City has in the Mid Cities area.
  • Gene Ln From Broadway To Stanley Keller Haltom City, TX 76117, USA - Haltom City
    Gene Lane from Broadway to Stanley Keller is one of the worst roads in Haltom City. Going to youth ballgames at the recreation center is dangerous to your car
  • 5200-5300 Block Jane Anne St Haltom City, TX - Haltom City
    in the past couple of months, there have been a lot of cars driving through with loud bass music blaring late at night, from 10pm to 1, 2 am sometimes later. sometimes they park at a house and sit for a while, others just drive through from denton hwy to haltom road. i've talked to a few of the neighbors and it bothers them as well. we have quite a few seniors on this street.
  • RIDE ALONG Archived
    5014 5058 W Broadway Ave Haltom City, TX - Haltom City
    You know what would be cool...if the city would allow ride alongs by concerned citizens to ride along with code enforcement for a few hours to see what happens in the day of the officer. Or a workshop to teach us to be better citizens instead of complainers on how to better and more effectively report infractions. Maybe respond to some of the repeat infractions to help us understand better they whys and why nots that occur in their decision making. I think it would be a better tool. Ive never seen a city booth at any city function. There should be suggestion boxes at every city building and function to better serve the community. Just a thought.
  • 4800 E Belknap Haltom City, TX 76117, USA - Haltom City
    Empty field with a fence around it at 4800 blk E. Belknap at Waldemar St. Transients have cut holes in the fence and come in and out daily. If you look real close you can see them sleeping. Not sure what can be done but wanted the city aware of it.
  • Potholes Acknowledged
    Haltom Rd & Nadine Dr Haltom City, TX 76117, USA - Haltom City
    Large pothole on Nadine at the Haltom Rd intersection
  • 2107 Westchester Dr Fort Worth, TX 76117, USA - Haltom City
    And please dont tell me weeds are native texas grass.