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  • chickens Archived
    5329 Stephanie Haltom City, TX - Haltom City
    Neighbor has 4 chickens in their back yard not 3. From what I read that is more than is allowed by the city ordinancesm I hope my name will be kept private also. Thanks.
  • 6090 Wall Street Corner Of Moneda Haltom City, TX - Haltom City
    I almost feel sorry for the owners of this property and think the city should pick up this since someone dumped it on the driveway inlet which property owners dont control. yet, thats only an opinion. The issue at hand is the it looks like someone over the weekend illegally dumped tree debris and the location does need mowing and other trash has accumulated on the lot as well.
  • 6801 Midway Rd Haltom City, TX 76117, USA - Richland Hills
    The XTRA lease yard seems to be emptying out but there is grafitti on the East wall of the building along the river side that is visible from the freeway and midway that screams welcome to haltom city a place to call urban blight. Lets go guys, Get this under control.
  • 010 Wish Not In Haltom City, TX - Haltom City
    Content blocked by rejections
  • Haltom Road Haltom City, TX - Haltom City
    speeding on haltom road from belknap to 121 fwy. posted is 30. most go 45 and up. mournings are a nightmare.
  • 3304 Haltom Rd Haltom City, TX 76117, USA - Haltom City
    I don't believe the city's codes allow this owner to store his appliances for re-sale outside of his business in the front of his store. This is an eye sore and so close to City Hall - what does that say to our community?
  • 1937 & 1933 Hickory Dr Haltom City, TX - Haltom City
    Reporting myself and neighbors storm
    damage waiting for EISI to pickup. They have been called twice. This way
    no heman innocentbystanding civic minded busybody will damage his/her fingers in reporting us!!! No action required by City.
  • Haltom City Haltom City, TX - Haltom City
    The city hasn't acknowledged a single issue since April 25. Is this website no longer a useful tool for citizens?
  • 6200-6298 Ellison Ave Haltom City, TX 76117, USA - Haltom City
    How embarrassing that the city allowed the Pecan Park to get this way, especially when North Hills Baptist Church held an evening event all this week for the children in our community!!
  • 2717 Haley Avenue Haltom City, Texas - Haltom City
    Broken street light. 2700 Blk. Haley Ave. Haltom City, Texas 76117
  • 5040-5098 Denton Highway Haltom City, Texas - Haltom City
    The South bound traffic at the new signal light at FM377
    and Loop 820 is short cycling causing a 1/4 mile back up at times.
    I really don't think any of the intersection lights are set properly??
    Please help!!
    Thanking you in advance!!!
  • 2919 Field St Haltom City, Texas - Haltom City
    Called the Haltom Police Non Emergency number and reported illegal street parking. To my amazement a Haltom City officer called me back and complained that "I" was wasting their time! No officer responded.