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  • Bertha And Delaware Albany, NY - Delaware Avenue
    There are (at least sometimes) crossing guards assigned to Hurlbut and Delaware and Marshall and Delaware during the time that children are walking to and from Delaware Community School, but none at Bertha and Delaware. The Hurlbut and Marshall intersections both have traffic lights and pedestrian signals, and they are both one-ways heading into Delaware, making them relatively safe to cross. Bertha has no light, and is one way heading off of Delaware, meaning a child has to check in two directions for turning vehicles, which may be hidden behind parked cars. It's a much more dangerous intersection for children to cross, and at least as heavily used as the others. (Children from DCS have to cross it to get to the Marshall intersection, in fact.) I think it would be a much better use of crossing guards to place one at Bertha.
  • Washington Park Road Albany, New York - Albany
    Drivers use Washington Park roads like a speedway driving way too fast endangering lives of children, older people and families and people on bikes who use the Park every day, all day. There is no enforcement on a regular basis. Is there anything that can be done to enforce minimal speed?
  • Western Ave & Manning Blvd Albany, New York - Pine Hills
    During the day, you cannot turn left onto Manning Blvd (eastbound) from Western Ave, nor can you turn left onto South Manning Blvd (westbound) from Western Ave. This is because there is no left-turn arrow at the intersection from either direction. Western Ave was just repaved and re-striped--but no turn arrows were installed. The explanation that there's "not enough room" for left-turn lanes on Western Ave doesn't wash: you don't need turn lanes. Installing left-turn arrows in both directions would allow left-lane traffic to either turn left or not. As it is, you cannot see around the 2 lanes of traffic in either direction, and you back up the left-hand lane in both directions trying to turn left, with the result that angry drivers, stopped behind you, careen around you into the right-hand lanes and speed through the intersection. There are left-turn arrows for traffic turning onto Western from both Manning and South Manning; why not on Western? The city has not seen fit to make Western between S. Allen and uptown a 3-lane instead of a 4-lane speedway, so I suggest it pay attention to this potentially accident-causing situation, as well as allow residents of Manning Blvd. and S. Manning Blvd. to turn onto their own street, given the increased amount of traffic here.
  • 57 Buchanan Street Albany, New York - Albany
    The employees of the Center for Disabilities group home at 57 Buchanan have been parking their vehicles on the lawn within feet from the house next door. This has been going on for more than a year. Last winter they were plowing the lawn to remove snow and when that area is icy, it becomes a hazard. One wrong pedal press and a car will end up in the dining room of the neighboring home (mine). To my knowledge, according to Albany city code (someone correct me if I'm wrong), you are not allowed to park on lawns and a parking area for more than 4 vehicles may not be within 10 feet of a neighboring residents - there are often 4-5 cars/vans parked here. There is ample street parking and they have a large garage and parking area in the back of the house. I have more photos - this one was taken today around noon. I have attempted to contact the Center, but have receive no response. Frankly, I'm worried about the safety of my family if someone drives into my dining room and it's pretty annoying to look out your windows to see a wall of cars - there used to be a beautiful lilac there until they took it out.
  • Diseased tree Archived
    34 Summit Ave Albany, New York - Delaware Avenue
    This tree is large, a lot of limbs with rot holes, one large branch extends into the street and seems poised to fall down soon.
  • parking Archived
    93-105 S Swan St Albany, NY 12207, USA - Albany
    the stretch of road coming out of the ESP heading up to Swan St towards State St has signs no stopping on the right side of the street. yet on sunday there are always cars parked on both sides of the street in this stretch of the road. it makes it very difficult to travel up the hill from the ESP especially in the winter months yet no one seems to say anything about it. what are the rules for this area
  • 65 So Lake Ave Albany, New York - Pine Hills
    Overgrown front and Back yards- trees are growing inside back porch
    Front porch has rotted
  • 175 Jay Street Albany, NY 12210, USA - Center Square
    The stucco facade three stories up is pulling away from the brick. When it falls, ON TO THE SIDEWALK BELOW, people may be hurt. This is dangerous.
  • 441 Hudson Avenue Albany, NY 12203, USA - Pine Hills
    There is so much dog waste on the sidewalks, either the city needs to fine the houses surrounding it, clean it up or start posting someone out there and start handing out the $100 fines. It is a disgusting mess.
  • Crosswalks Acknowledged
    1053-1069 Cortland Street Albany, New York - Campus Area-University District
    Cortland St has no sidewalks, no marked crosswalks, and no stop signs. Walking children to & from school is hazardous
  • 15 Rose Court Albany, New York - Delaware Avenue
    Each morning between 7:40-8am, a school bus idles on Rose Court for between 7-15 minutes; I have called the bus company but have not received a call back
  • 865 Myrtle Avenue Albany, NY 12208, USA - Pine Hills
    Ripped-up tarp on roof is now laying across power lines. This is sure to end well.