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  • 159 Whitehall Road Albany/Albany, New York - Delaware Avenue
    Without the traffic signal at Edgecomb and Whitehall, persons living on the Thruway side of Whitehall do not have a safe way to leave their neighborhood. There is a light at the grade school and a light at the Jr. High, but when they put in the light at the Jr. High they did not put in a left turn signal so traffic backs way up to our block. In addition, for one block the speed limit goes up to 30 from the school zone speed of 20 before going back down to the next school zone. That increased speed is centered right around Edgecomb and Whitehall! I need to cross Whitehall to get to my bus in the AM. Drivers do not stop! The other night, the bicycle patrolman tried to get the traffic to stop and they almost ran him down....bring back our light!!!
  • 175 Jay Street Albany, NY 12210, USA - Center Square
  • Northern Blvd Albany, NY - North Albany-Shaker Park

    The entire Northern Boulevard/NY Route 377/US Route 9 corridor should be called:

    "The Intersection that Time Forgot".

    Absolutely NOTHING has been repaired at this intersection since the late 1950's - early 1960's when this whole intersection was built!

    (Oh yeah, I forgot-- they just recently put in a new traffic light at Northern Blvd. and NY 377)... Wheeee!!!

    WOW! One improvement in 50 years!

    But the pavement is crumbling, the road surface is buckling, potholes are big enough to break your tire right off of your car, many of the street lights are not functioning, the overpass abutments are disintegrating, and the amount of weeds and overgrowth of dead trees in this area is STAGGERING!!!

    Route 378 down the street was just recently repaired wonderfully... Can't the same be done to Route 377 as well??!?!

    You'd think with all the influential politicians and wealthy socialites who go to the Wolfert's Roost up the street, that they would at least attempt to clean up this section in order to gain favor with their constituency!!

  • 306 Lark Street Albany, New York - Center Square
    building is pumping basement sump pump on to sidewalk.
  • 381 State St Albany, New York - Central Avenue
    At least once a day I see a vehicle completely run the stop sign most likely because they are unaware of it. Perhaps a speed bump our much larger sign would help. But since the traffic signal was removed cars traveling on state st fail to stop for pedestrians in the cross walk
  • Drug actuvity Archived
    137 Dana Ave Albany, New York - Park South
    We have observed significant drug traffic on the block, but specifically through the back entrance to the 1st floor. City officials and police have been called to no avail. We need others to apply pressure to end the dealing in this street.
  • Tree Issues Archived
    190 Euclid Ave Albany, NY 12208 - Buckingham Lake-Crestwood
    The city owned tree in front of 190 Euclid Ave, 12208 is hazardous. The tree is dying; there is a large canker and it is rotting. You can even push in on the rotted bark and it moves in one section of the trunk. Branches have fallen on our vehicles and one (thankfully smaller) even hit our daughter. There are several dead and rotting branches / trunk sections and obvious signs of internal decay (fungus / mushrooms present) and it's infested with carpenter ants (as identified by a local cooperative extension agent). I am fearful of this tree given the time my family and other neighborhood kids play on the sidewalk. I would like this tree taken down so it no longer presents a safety issue for the neighborhood.
  • Central Avenue Westgate Plaza - Delaware Avenue
    Several major crosswalks on Central Avenue near Westgate Plaza are completely blocked by thigh-high snow so that people have to enter the road at an intersection to cross instead of the cross walk. Bus stops are also plowed over so that people have to exit and enter by walking in the very busy road. The elderly, disabled and parents with small children are in danger. Also several long stretches of sidewalk in the area are not shoveled. The walks in front of CVS and Pepboys are not properly shoveled.
  • Zoar Avenue Albany, New York - Albany
    Motor home has been parked on Zoar Avenue for over two weeks. Snow is coming and the size of it will inhibit plows from driving down the street.
  • 452 Madison Avenue Albany, New York - Park South
    Content blocked by rejections
  • Intersection Of State Steet And Willet Street Albany, New York - Central Avenue
    The traffic signal at the intersection of State Street and Willet Street was removed about year to a year and half ago. A stop sign was placed on the right hand side of the road on the corner of the park. Since this has happened the rush hour traffic through this intersection is filled with horns due to no one yielding or taking turns at the intersection. For 45 minutes to an hour, daily, horns and yelling can be heard down the entire block. I've also witnessed reckless driving by some motorists trying to squeeze by vehicles. In addition, during non-rush hour times, I've witnessed dozens of cars running the stop sign, either because they can't see it, or choose to ignore it. I've almost been struck by speeders missing the sign several times, and I've witnessed my neighbors almost be struck. I'm sure the reason for the traffic signals removal was reasonable at the time, but I hope it can be reconsidered. It doesn't have to be a cycle of red/yellow/green, just a flashing red to let drivers know their approaching an intersection would be great. Thank you for your consideration.
  • 70 Willett Street Albany, NY 12210, USA - Center Square
    Cars race out of the park down Hudson Ave the wrong way putting young children's lives in danger. Needs to be additional signing including a sign attached to the traffic signal saying left turn only. that I've seen elsewhere in the city