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  • 21 Taft Avenue Albany, NY 12203, USA - Campus Area-University District
    Our street was just made a one way. ( Thank You ! ) however people are still driving down the wrong way down our street. please HELP! We need a wrong way sign or another do no enter sign to be installed by the yellow house at the edge of the church parking lot. also a one way sign with an arrow on the pole opposite the exit parking lot from 35 Taft where the center for the disable large busses exit and drive east on the now west only street. Thank you.
  • Water Street Albany, New York - Albany

    There is a significant trip hazard that has developed in the 787 Water Street Exit Ramp Walkway sidewalk between the concrete and the asphalt pavement. It is located at the top of the stairs that go down to the OGS Water Street Parking Lot A section just to the south of the intersection of Water Street and Livingston Avenue south of the boat launch.

    Please take whatever measures necessary to mitigate this hazard. Thanks in advance

  • 195 Washington Avenue Albany, New York - Central Avenue

    I live two blocks away from the Armory and my whole house is shaking from the bass. It isn't even a weekend, it is a week night.

    It sounds horrible and hate the fact that my house shakes!

  • 244 Lark Street Albany, NY 12210, USA - Center Square
    Every week it looks like this. This property is going down hill fast!
  • 162 Jay St Albany Ny 12210 - Center Square
    The makeshift railings have been installed for over a year. It is a hazard to the public and unsightly.
  • 82 Sheridan Ave Albany, NY 12210, USA - Sheridan Hollow
    Every day I go to the sheridan parking lot using this road. Right where I marked, the patch work done to the road is kind of messed up. Each day I pass through(even tried to avoid it), it feels like I might need alignment work on my car soon. Please fix it evenly.
  • 179 Delaware Avenue Albany, New York - Delaware Avenue
    Wooden porch is rotting and needs paint. Soffit fell from roof and is laying between houses. Windows broken. Furniture and junk PEF up in back.
  • 1100 Block Washington Ave Albany, New York - Melrose
    These "will buy houses for fast cash are around the city again on public rights of way and on utility poles. There are also other illegal temporary signs sprouting like weeds including real estate , little league and even safety laser ID's for kids. They make our communities look shabby
  • 23 Berkshire Boulevard Albany, New York - Buckingham Lake-Crestwood
  • 19 Dove Street Albany, New York - Central Avenue
    There are dozens of piles of large dog feces all over the shrubbery and grass area along the front of the building. No attempt has been made to clean it. The smell is disgusting.
  • 138 South Swan Street Albany, New York - Hudson Park
    Crossing the street from Hamilton Street to South Swan Street is dangerous. Despite the crosswalk that exists there no one seems to consider the fact that people are crossing there. I drop my son off at day care in the Empire Plaza daily and often we walk. Each time I cross with him in my arms, I am negotiating with cars to actually stop. The other day I saw a woman almost get hit by a car that was in such a rush to get on to the funnel to the 787 ramp. Is there something that can be done? It is dangerous and actually a wide road so there are multiple issues to deal with at once. Maybe an actual street light to dictate when the cars could go would help. There is a fork in the road that goes continues to South Swan and the other takes cars to the feeder to 787. Meanwhile, pedestrians really struggle just crossing the road.
  • Flyer Litter Archived
    552 Central Avenue Albany, New York - Albany
    A business is distributing flyers in railings and on doors to promote themselves. The wind keeps blowing them away causing a massive amount of litter to build up on the street (in the Hudson Park & Center Square neighborhoods).