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  • Graffiti Archived
    37-39 Oakwood Street Albany, NY 12208, USA - New Scotland
    Someone has been dropping their gum on the corner sidewalk for a year. 40+ pieces are all over the sidewalk they seem to do a new piece everyday. Can it be power washed off and something be posted?
  • 31 Melrose Avenue Albany, New York - Melrose
    Change of driveway 'footprint' - strip of lawn next to the front walkway has been paved over; driveway's width (to the right) has been enlarged.
  • New Scotland Ave @ Glenwood Albany, New York - New Scotland
    Every day when the elementary school lets out, vehicles are allowed to double park in front of the school on both sides of the street. It creates a traffic hazard. In addition, parents go cavorting across the street with young children in tow, running between these double-parked cars, oblivious to the oncoming traffic. I head through the grapevine that a cop who attempted to ticket an illegally parked, verbally abusive parent was "chastised" by the school superintendent. as well as his own boss. (This is so sad.) One of these days, a child is going to be killed due to the double parking that continues to be permitted in front of the school. Does the city and school really want that liability?
  • 244 Lark Street Albany, NY 12210, USA - Center Square
    Every week it looks like this. This property is going down hill fast!
  • 1100 Block Washington Ave Albany, New York - Melrose
    These "will buy houses for fast cash are around the city again on public rights of way and on utility poles. There are also other illegal temporary signs sprouting like weeds including real estate , little league and even safety laser ID's for kids. They make our communities look shabby
  • Pothole Archived
    Colvin Avenue Albany, New York - Upper Washington Avenue
    Colvin Avenue from Lincoln to Central Ave is a mass of pot holes and torn pavement. It was recently repaved and is not a total mess, particularly around Armory Garage and the entrance to Hannaford.
  • 179 Delaware Avenue Albany, New York - Delaware Avenue
    Wooden porch is rotting and needs paint. Soffit fell from roof and is laying between houses. Windows broken. Furniture and junk PEF up in back.
  • 350 Delaware Avenue Albany, NY 12209, USA - Delaware Avenue
    It is incredible how dangerous it is to cross Delaware at Bertha in the afternoons when Delaware community school lets out. How about a crossing guard or a better enforcement of traffic laws protecting pedestrians in the crosswalk? Thanks for considering it!
  • 19 Dove Street Albany, New York - Central Avenue
    There are dozens of piles of large dog feces all over the shrubbery and grass area along the front of the building. No attempt has been made to clean it. The smell is disgusting.
  • 157 Homestead Avenue Albany, New York - Melrose
    Unoccupied building
  • potholes Archived
    23 Colvin Avenue Albany, NY 12206, USA - Upper Washington Avenue
    Multiple potholes
  • 127 Chestnut St Albany, New York - Center Square
    Despite leaving notes and calling the police several times (they never show up) a black Nissan Altima parks directly in front of my driveway every night only to move it in the morning because he knows @#$% get a ticket during the day