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Everyone in the City of Spring Valley and Clarkstown.

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  • 5250 Fieldston Rd Bronx, NY 10471, USA - Riverdale
    The "No Standing Anytime" signs need to removed. Their purpose in being there is negated by the off duty cops who park on the corners of Lakeview Terrace and Post Road constantly.
  • 512 W 261st St Bronx, NY 10471, USA - Riverdale
    This street is a disaster! Asphalt collapsing, huge potholes -- main road leading into the Hebrew Home for the Aged with more than 1200 residents!
  • 5501-5599 Palisade Avenue Bronx, NY 10471, USA - Riverdale
    Dangerous potholes, road surfaces in section south of Hebrew Home
  • No Heat Archived
    4660 Manhattan College Pkwy Bronx, NY 10471, USA - Riverdale
    No Heat
  • 556 West 254th Street Bronx, NY 10471, USA - Riverdale
    W. 254th St. Needs repair west of Riverdale Ave.
  • 6199 Broadway New York, NY 10471 - Riverdale
    A 3 foot wide section of asphalt has been removed across the full width of Broadway, roughly 1 block north of West 251st St. The asphalt is removed down to a depth of approximately 5 inches. If you are riding a bicycle, this will cause you to crash unless you either hop over the gap or dismount and walk across on foot.
  • 6679 Broadway New York 9a Bronx, NY 10471, USA - Riverdale
    Heavy traffic area last stop to the #9bus very dangerous for pedestrians to cross due to speeding cars i believe it would be much safer if we had a stop sign or a speed bump many students get off @ that stop and also thats where the #9 bus turns to go back south thank you very much Betty Rivera
  • West 253rd Street & Henry Hudson Parkway Bronx, NY 10471, USA - Riverdale
    Stop sign down for exiting traffic into 254 St.
  • 6555 Broadway Bronx Ny - Riverdale

    6555 Broadway Bronx, NY 10471

    I regret not doing research on management companies before I decided to move out to this place. At this point almost 5 years after a lot of the comments I've been reading; this company hasn't changed much. It is January 30th, 2015 and the heat and Hot water issues are STILL a Problem on top of Every other issue. It is 6:41AM and I cannot sleep because of how stressed out I am due to my living conditions. I have been writing reviews Everywhere I possibly can since about 5:10am

    At this point I am exhausted and will be pursuing legal Actions against this company. I am beyond tired of living in the conditions I am living as if I am some sort of less than human where my bathroom ceiling has been opened for almost 2 weeks now. The department of housing came in and has reviewed the conditions I am currently living In. The conditions are so severed they have given them 3 days to resolve the issue and They Still don't care. The staff in their Brooklyn office is just the worst type of costumer service I have received in all my years interacting with people in general. There's an older Lady that everyone says she acts the way she does simply because of her aged where she's very disrespectful when you call. As a friendly advise to the shareholders this is no way of running a business even if she's a family member, she's driving people Away from your business. She hangs up the phone "If you are taking too much of her time" they are always bouncing you around from the Brooklyn office to the Manhattan office and vice versa. Leon I belive is the name of the person in charge of leases is Never available and is ALWAYS in a meeting, he never picks up a call, they tell you to call back at around 3pm every single day when you call back, "Leon is Gone for the Day". I have been in this apartment now on my 3rd year and I have never been the type on tenant to complaint but at this point this is not only unacceptable but inhuman to think is ok to have us live under these conditions. City has given them 3 days due to the severity of the issue.

    I ended up moving out of the apt as this building management was unbearable.

  • New York State Reference Route 907v Bronx, NY 10471, USA - Riverdale
    Henry Hudson Pkwy., northbound lanes north of 254th entrance until exit to Mosholu Pkwy.
  • 310 West 240th Street New York - Riverdale
    The entire side walk next to gaelic Park is cracked and unleveled. I've personally tripped a few times.
  • 5801-5899 Palisade Ave Bronx, NY 10471, USA - Riverdale
    Huge potholes in this street, which passenger vehicles must take to avoid 261st St. west of Riverdale because ir is collapsing.