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  • 2605 Kimberly Dr Garland, TX 75040 - Coomer Creek
    A storm drain in the middle of the street right in front of the 2605 house has been missing a cover for the past 2 years.
  • Springpark Way Garland, TX - Springpark
    Verizon utility box smashed after an auto accident over 6 months ago. It is a HUGE ugly eyesore and neighborhood violation at the intersection of Clear Springs and Spring Park Way
  • 159 E Brand Rd Garland, TX 75040 - Garland
    The trees on Brand from Queenswood to Naaman School Rd are so low that a vehicle get brushed.We had a code sweep, that missed the obviouos big deal.
  • 400-498 N 1st St Garland, TX 75040, USA - Garland
    The left hand turn lane from northbound 1st street onto Walnut has a large bump that is bigger than any speedbump. It is impossible to drive over at more than a few miles an hour.
  • 2129 E Belt Line Rd Richardson, TX 75081, USA - Garland
    On Jupiter traveling north just at the north edge of the intersection with Belt Line the lane pavement drops. Problem is not visible to the driver, but it really jolts a vehicle. Problem has been in this condiiton for 9 or more months. This is on the Garland side of Jupiter. The problem was passed to Richardson to repair, but nothing has been done since the original request several months ago.
  • 901 Mc Donald Dr Garland, TX 75041, USA - Garland
    There is a large pothole in the southbound lane of McDonald Dr, just south of the intersection with Winifred Dr.
  • 3121 Forest Ln Garland, TX 75042, USA - Garland
    When the dart light rail was added crossing Forest Ln, utility construction crews tore up the sidewalk on both sides of Forest Ln at the crossing point and never repaired / replaced very large sections of the sidewalk. It is a hazard to pedestrians trying to walk to or from the light rail station at Forest / Jupiter (the very people that the light rail line was built to support). It gets very muddy when it rains as it is just fill dirt used in construction to fill in the holes they dug to move utilities.
  • 133 W Oates Rd Garland, TX 75043, USA - Garland
    The light at Duck Creek Drive and Oates Drive turns red as cars approach with no other cars in the area repeatedly during my early morning commutes and waits a full cycle before going green.
  • Pothole Archived
    812 Peachtree Ln Garland, TX 75041 - Orchard Hills
    There is a pothole that is getting bigger. It is between 2912 Sheridan and 3001 Sheridan (on Peach Tree).
  • Patricia And Westway Garland, Texas - Garland
    In the past 4 weeks, two small holes in this intersection have become large enough to cause vehicle damage. Both holes are hard to avoid at the same time without veering into the wrong lane.
  • 569 N 1st St Garland, TX 75040 - Garland
    The RR crossing on First St just south of Walnut is in terrible disrepair.It will damage autos.Apparently complaints have been filed for 2 years without any action and the danger only get worse.
  • 2905 Forest Ln Garland, TX 75042, USA - Garland
    There is a utility box uncovered, open, and a serious hazard to pedestrians on the sidewalk at the corner of Forest Ln, and S International Road on the West side of the street. This has been an open hole for over a year now, and grass is growing up through the utility box service hole making it camouflaged and even more of a pedestrian hazard. One could easily shatter a bone by walking into this when crossing the street or standing on the corner. This needs to be fixed before someone gets seriously injured.