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  • 2000-2098 5th Ave Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    the bowling alley ice is making people walk in road with no choice. do they have a permit for blocking off sidewalk? the side walk has not been shoveled at all. no ticket given by code? should they be made to clean roof and ice so sidewalk can be cleaned and be used by tax payers? if someone is hit while in road who pays?
  • 44 Lincoln Ave 2nd Floor! Troy, NY - Troy
    Content blocked by rejections
  • 22 Ballina Street - Troy
    Every morning with the exception of Thursday's and rainy days Ballina Street is awakened by a Motorcycle between 5:15am and 5:20 am this includes weekends, not only the loudness of the motorcycle pipes, the motorcycle also back fires and stalls at a minimum of three times each morning. This is a quality of life issue that needs to be addressed for the well being of the residence and families of Ballina St. PLEASE PLEASE HELP US !!
  • 75-81 Vandenburgh Ave Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    The police need to start ticketing all of the illegal parkers at Price Chopper. It is a FIRE LANE for a reason. Everybody just pulls right up front and goes into the store, and not for a pack of cigarettes either. We're talking a half hour. And they do it for every store in the plaza.
  • 632-662 U.S. 4 Troy, NY 12182, USA - Troy
    People are exchanging very small items for folded money in front of the store and surrounding buildings during both day and night hours. There are children playing around them whilst they do this on almost a daily basis.
  • 53 Excelsior Ave Troy - Troy
    No Sunday paper delivered 8/1/10 Third time in recent weeks. Busy signal on 270-1212 will keep trying Very frustrating! Thinking of canceling
  • 294 10th St Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    Troy recently fixed two out of the three...of course leaving the worse one untouched. The one still requiring repair sits in the crosswalk and is a tripping hazard. Smells like future lawsuit.
  • Oakwood Ave Troy NY 12180, USA - Frear Park

    Fane, Gallivan, troy sand and gravel commercial trucks all use their jake brakes when they drive down this hill numerous times every day of the week. Mot of these trucks are emitting way over the amount of decibles allowed by law but they get away with it because the police don't "police".

    Please TROY POLICE, come to oakwood ave between middleburgh ave and hoosick street and give tickets to these trucking companies that are blatantly breaking the law and disrupting the neighborhood.

    Also people speed way over the 30MPH limit on this road because there are no speedlimit signs anywhere. See video below. That is a regular occurrence on oakwood ave.

  • 79-91 Hoosick St Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    Large pothole in left hand lane entering Route 7 onramp.
  • 190 Hoosick St Troy, NY - Troy
    When heading east on Rt 7 (Hoosick St) and wanting to make a left turn (to go north) onto 15th Street - the green left turn arrow/signal only stays lit for exactly 11 seconds! This means that unless you are one of the first 3 cars in-line - you are NOT able to make the left turn as the traffic coming down Hoosick prevents you from turning left onto 15th St. You thereby hold up a ton of cars behind you who want to head up Hoosick Street. This often causes a back-up all the way to the Hoosick St bridge if it's rush hour (between 4pm and 6 pm). This green arrow should be green for at least 20 seconds and not 11 seconds.
  • 8 Larch Ave Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    Can Troy please put in alterate day street parking so the streets can be plowed. 1 car can hardly fit down Larch Ave when cars are parked on both sides. Troy is a city afterall, it would just make sense.
  • 24 Maple Ave Troy, NY - Troy

    Watching the news tonight and saw that 24 maple ave caught fire. The fire cheif said on camera that the fire trucks could not get down the street so it took them a few extra minutes to get to the fire.

    If Troy had actually removed snow throughout the city like other cities do, this would not have been an issue.

    I'd like to hear from some firefighters about the current condition of Troys streets.