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  • 24 Maple Ave Troy, NY - Troy

    Watching the news tonight and saw that 24 maple ave caught fire. The fire cheif said on camera that the fire trucks could not get down the street so it took them a few extra minutes to get to the fire.

    If Troy had actually removed snow throughout the city like other cities do, this would not have been an issue.

    I'd like to hear from some firefighters about the current condition of Troys streets.

  • 190 Hoosick St Troy, NY - Troy
    When heading east on Rt 7 (Hoosick St) and wanting to make a left turn (to go north) onto 15th Street - the green left turn arrow/signal only stays lit for exactly 11 seconds! This means that unless you are one of the first 3 cars in-line - you are NOT able to make the left turn as the traffic coming down Hoosick prevents you from turning left onto 15th St. You thereby hold up a ton of cars behind you who want to head up Hoosick Street. This often causes a back-up all the way to the Hoosick St bridge if it's rush hour (between 4pm and 6 pm). This green arrow should be green for at least 20 seconds and not 11 seconds.
  • 333-335 2nd Street Troy, New York - Troy
    I recently moved to the area and 2 times this week, at night, I can smell a strange "burnt rubber" smell that lingers in through the windows. Anyone else notice this strange odor? I've had awful sore throats and nasal congestion ever since I started smelling this foul air.
  • River St & 3rd St - Troy
    The Uncle Sam parking garage in Troy has three stairwells. The ground level entrance to the stairwell, closest to River Street, is constantly used as a urinal. Often puddles of urine greet parkers at the bottom of the stairs. It's disgusting.
  • 20-44 New York 66 Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    17 manhole covers do not fit properly - from Pawling Ave. driving SE
  • 378 Bridge - Troy
    It's college time again and another pileup on 378 today...more signs showing the speed limit of 30 are necessary! Place lighted 30 mph signs up before getting on bridge...people fly over that bridge like it is highway mph going 40-50 mph, talking on their phones...set some policeman there every a.m. and show their presence - they are going to end up having to go anyway because of an accident. Sidewalk work is currently being done so why not install the signs now. Every year it gets worse with the accidents and nothing has been done.
  • Erie St Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    Traffic signal use to turn red with traffic on erie now 45 second loop waste of gas, brakes, and time.
  • 625-709 U.S. 4 Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy

    City of Troy is occupying the old Tire Warehouse and not maintaining the building or grounds.

    This property has many issues besides the obvious busted windows, uncut grass. It's a real eyesore on a block where 7 other properties already sit vacant. All in better shape I might add than the building the city occupies to store city trucks and equipment.

    Is this building insured with the city or are they squatting?

    Either way they should maintain it if they choose to use it!

  • 595 2nd Ave Troy, NY 12182, USA - Troy
    Just what we need another corner store on 2nd ave. that will be 4 stores with in two blocks. Don't the city know all the trouble that is going around these stores now ?
  • 10th St & Oakwood Ave Troy, NY - Troy

    It's bad enough that for years H&V employees, H&V flat beds and wreckers clog up all the on-street parking (Monday through Friday 8-6pm) but now H&V is taking over the sidewalks too?!

    Everyday the penisula and sidewalk area at 10th st and oakwood terrace is a parking and driving nightmare. The parked employee cars are actually in the road at the point where 10th and oakwood intersect. Anyone coming out of 10th st onto oakwood can't see left on oakwood because of the illegally parked H&V employee cars and work trucks.

    In the attached photos, the honda sedan is clearly in the sidewalk. If that's not bad enough, they then dump an broken down SUV right on the sidewalk!

    It's gotten so tough to find parking here that some residents have started putting things in the street to keep H&V employees out of their spots.

    Maybe the employees could ride-share? Or park on H&V property? Or not park in front of homes that are obviously lived in? Park on oakwood in front of st. marys? Rent parking spots from Ross Valve?

    H&V needs to realize they are doing business in a residential neighborhood. They need to be more respectful of the people that live here.

  • Prospect Park On Congress St Troy Ny 12180 - Troy
    TROY-in prospect park hs always been able to be seen until now! this bothers me...i live in watervliet but am from troy and its nice to look out my window from across the river and see that word...TROY..pls can the trees or bushes be trimmed so it can be widely seen again! mayor thank you in advance!
  • 51-91 New York 40 Troy, NY 12180, USA - Frear Park

    There are no speed limit signs on Oakwood Ave.

    If you're traveling on Oakwood ave torward hoosick street... the first and only speed limit sign is way up on Oakwood ave BEFORE Oakwood cemetery! At that's a temporary sign built out of 2x4's.

    By the time drivers get to middleburgh ave and the long HILL, they've forgotten what the speed limit is. I regularly see drivers exceeding the 30mph limit by 10-20mph.

    I'm sure it'll take a pedestrian or a child to get killed before the city puts proper speed limit signs on Oakwood ave.

    The attached picture is just west of middleburgh ave in the area where there are no speed limit signs. If you live in the area of travel through oftne, you recognize these homes.