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  • 4 Bassett Ct West Haven, CT 06516 - West Haven
    the health dept. needs to look inside. ceilings falling down holes in the roof in more than one spot , mold growing in house and a bad oder. you can watch the mice coming out from under the front window and going back in ,all the windows on 2nd floor have hudge fliesin them. there are 13 dogs maybe a few less because the husband passed out and was not able to stop the one of daily dog fights and 1 dog was killed. the side of there house is pilled with gas can and crap as is the so called sun house and pool house. there are children in tis house 1 autistic, 1 left because his mother could not give up drinking,and 1 is 15. the husband is abusiveand so is mom .the neibors call this house of @#$%,
  • 35 Prospect Ave West Haven, CT - West Haven

    This home has been vacant for at least six years. There is occasional activity as occasionally people come and put stuff in it (in a minivan RIDDLED with Picard stickers) and takes stuff (childrens bikes, etc) out. I'm really not sure what they do there, my best guess is they're using it for storage.

    On trash day there's always bags outside, even though no one lives there. It would appear that the trash is not being generated at this residence and is being brought from other locations. As is clearly evident in the attached picture, the roof is failing and I have personally witnessed wildlife entering the home. The attached photo is from when this home was put on the market some months ago, but pretty much tells the story. I know for a fact that I am not the first to complain about this property.

    It would be safe to conclude that the owner listed as a "Daniel Rocano" on the vision appraisal site is connected to someone at town hall. Each time a complaint is lodged with town hall in reference to the state of this property, a short time later Daniel/etc show up to do some basic maintenance (lawn mowing/etc) without ever having addressed the real problem. The house is failing, and needs to be examined by building inspectors.

    It is certainly pulling down the values of our homes and provides a very real health hazard to the surrounding homes.

    I am looking into other ways to get some action on this, but figured I would start here.

    If anyone from West Haven Town Hall reads this, please. Please. Do something. We have a great neighborhood. And a lot of wonderful neighbors. Daniel and his dilapidated home are not in standing with the neighborhood, and his lack of consideration has created a potential health hazard for anyone who lives around him.

  • Savin Rock Trail West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    I know this isn't a priority for most, but for those who use the wonderful open spaces along the shore this has been something that needs repair for a long time. The river outlet is an important part of the estuary ecosystem. Many people fish and crab in this river. Even though there is a small path around the fence I was told by a lifeguard that you cannot stand in the bridge because it may collapse??? If its that bad then it's imperative that this is replaced for the safety of people and the vital ecosystem that flows in and out of the river. There must be a way to secure funds to replace this bridge. It's the small projects that will make secure out shoreline as a place of ecological health and growth and that of our own. Please consider this as something important.
  • 54-166 Painter Avenue West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven

    Women's locker room at WHHS pool is filthy, with mold and mildew growing daily. Calls to the school, superintendent, and BOE are ignored- one department refers me to the next department, who sends me back to the first.

    The stone part of the shower walls have not been cleaned for months, the tile portion has black splotches of mildew and globs of old hair from a razor (visibly short hair where someone tapped a razor blade repeatedly on the tiles), that have been in the same spot since before Thanksgiving, the benches and floors under the benches are covered in slime and soap scum. Most of the hooks for towels are gone, so now the only place to put a towel while showering is on top of soap scum and mold. The air vents have a thick layer of grime. The Board of Health should probably close the pool. I will post more photos separately since for some reason this is only letting me put one on here.

  • 270 Center Street West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    The dumpsters in the parking lot is always overflowing and all over the ground. Rats can be seen near the trash regularly. There is also quite a bit glass in the parking lot that seems to come from the bar that shares the same parking lot. The whole area is rarely cleaned.
  • 123 Prospect Ave West Haven, CT 06516 - West Haven
    Instead of using the public sewer system, this particular house drains their shower water through a pipe onto the sidewalk and street daily between 6:30-8:00am. Sudsy, soapy water is not safe for children to play in or animals to accidentally drink. This is a health hazard, but the city building department does nothing- when we've reported this, we were told the women who live there claim it is a pipe from a sump pump. Well, none of the other sump pumps on the hill have run for over a week (it hasn't rained for 9 days!) and when they do run, it is not with scented bubbling water at the same time we happen to shower, it is after (or during a storm)- the women in this house have no respect for the environment or people around them.
  • 216 Court St West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    Pool full of rancid water breeding mosquitoes. Been like this for 2 years. Health dept has done nothing to fix this after it was reported to them.
  • Platt Av West Haven, CT - West Haven
    The womens locker room at the pool at the WH High school is beyond disgusting! The floors are covered with black goop (I think the little smaller black rice-like objects may be from the a mice having a party, while larger black globs are just built up dirt), the tile walls moldy, and the "marble" walls so slimy that brown crud is on your fingers if you accidentally touch the shower walls. There is a BandAid that has been under one of the benches by the shower that has been there for weeks! The air vents are coated with a very thick layer of dust. Calling the Board of Ed or Park & Rec Depts is a joke- we just get referred back and forth, or transferred to a dialtone. I can't believe the Board of Health hasn't shut this down. The pool was closed for over a month to work on the pool itself, which was great to see work getting done, but you'd think maybe someone would have cleaned the locker rooms at some point in time in the past year.
  • Colonial Boulevard West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    The fountain pump in lake at /Connecticut pond has been broken since last summer. Without it running the water will become stagnant and misquotes will move in and become a public health hazard.
  • 205 Ocean Ave West Haven, CT - West Haven
    Dead possum on the side of the road for the last 4 days. Fly population has been increasing in the area. Possum is disintegrating. Please pick up.
  • 135 / 137 Hemlock Street West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven

    The grass is waist high at 135 helock, they have trash in front not picked up - maybe leaves .

    137 appears abandoned and the pool out back could smell - health issue ?

    Just makes the neighborhood look trashy

  • 111-145 Morse Avenue West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    "Best practices" for turf management includes avoiding the top killer of lawns: overwatering. But somehow that message, something we in the agricultural field have known and shared (or tried to, to those who will listen) with stakeholders for over 30 years, still has not sunk in here in West Haven. Sprinklers routinely going in the ball fields when the water is clearly not only not needed, but will -- I guarantee it -- compromise the health of the grass. They have the sprinklers on timers, and though there are staff there right now -- 8am on Tuesday, June 18, -- they won't override them. It's just a lose-lose-lose: increasing the incidence of root rot in the grass (ever pull a plant out of waterlogged pot and seen and smelled how foul the roots are?), flushing fertilizers and pesticides into the beleaguered Old Field Creek that runs through the park, and costing taxpayers money for water. It rained 1/8" last night, and in the past week we've had 9" of rain. It's going th rain this afternoon. Lawn management companies -- the less scrupulous ones -- capitalize on this by setting sprinklers to water too often, then charging customers for the fertilizers and pesticides they wouldn't need but for all the watering they convince their customers is essential. The condominiums on Beach St next to Stowe's are a perfect example of this: their lawn looks like crap, and the sprinklers are on even in the rain, no doubt flushing God knows what toxic brew of pesticides and fertilizers, right into the storm drains which then carry that mess into the Sound, right across the street. I have a gorgeous green lush lawn that I never water, and never fertilize. Hmm.