Cumberland County

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  • Trash Archived
    525 Offing Dr Fayetteville, North Carolina - Fayetteville
    I have to report this property alot!
  • Trash Archived
    824 Carol Street Fayetteville, NC 28303, USA - Fayetteville
    Trash can placement. The cans are always left near or on driveway in front of house along with a lot of other stuff. Thanks
  • 422 York Rd Fayetteville, North Carolina - Fayetteville
    Repair shop on corner of brunswick and yadkin uses both sides of road for his business. Many cars do not have tags and ft bragg side of road is used as a trash dumping spot for his employees. this has been a constant issue and has been given to city many times. Store front is a constant trash site.
  • Vehicles Archived
    451 Hallmark Road Fayetteville, NC 28303, USA - Fayetteville
    At least two vehicles sitting on Weatherford Dr side of home for over a year
  • 5928 Waters Edge Dr Fayetteville, North Carolina - Fayetteville

    There is an alley in our community that is overgrown under the power lines. Who do we contact to have it mowed?

    It brings all sorts of critters and snakes into these back yards, plus you aren't able to see if people are using this to cut though the neighborhood without being detected.

  • 601 Hope Mills Rd Fayetteville, North Carolina - Fayetteville
    Several huge fireant mounds on sidewalk alongside Hope Mills Rd. in front of this address and next to bus stop.
  • 207 Murray Fork Dr Fayetteville, North Carolina - Fayetteville
    Light at Skibo and Morganton should have a time sequencing review. Time allowed to go through Skibo from Morganton road toward the mall area is way too short creating excessive traffic backup on Morganton at the McDonalds waiting to move through towards the mall area. Nice for that to be a photo enforced light but not nice for only about 10 vehicles able to get through the intersection before light changes. All other directions at that intersection have much more time before light changes.
  • Neglected dog Archived
    5916 Waters Edge Dr Fayetteville, North Carolina - Fayetteville

    This is the second time that I've reported this house for their obnoxiously loud dog that they leave outside and let bark at all hours during the day. I've called animal control and each time I get a recording saying their office is closed but it's also within their normal business hours.

    What am I supposed to do now? Because this is utterly irresponsible of the owners and unfair for this animal to always be neglected like this, not to mention the neighbors around who have to endure the constant barking.

  • Other Archived
    7125 Barnwell Place Fayetteville, NC - Fayetteville
    Blue recycle bin left outside since Tuesday, location is on the side of 713 Roundtree Drive and Barnwell Place
  • 810 S Reilly Rd Fayetteville, NC - Fayetteville
    There is rotton wood at the mc donalds on the gaurd rail in the drive through lane in front of the large windows wich caused phisical injury to my leg when I walked by it also the mens stand up urinal does not flush and has not been fixed in a long time.
  • 112-114 Winslow St Fayetteville, North Carolina - Fayetteville
    Tree is over grown over sidewalk making it impassable
  • 2130 Baywater Drive Fayetteville, North Carolina - Fayetteville
    This property has overgrown bushes which are into the roadway. This causes a problem seeing if a car is coming from driveway. It also blocks the drainway on the road. Thank you.