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high taxes empty promises from festa public works is a joke taxe dollors mis-spent

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  • South Main Street Terryville, CT - Terryville
    police refuse to patrol
  • 59 Park St Bristol, CT - Bristol
    2 Street Lights Out Starting a 59 Park St and the next one West of that ?? 69 or 71 Park ? Starting with CL&P pole # 8020 and 2 poles west where the next light is. BOTH OUT. Now because of this one house was broken in to that I do know of. They have been out for about 3 weeks.
  • 147 Tulip St Bristol, CT 06010 - Bristol
    how many times a day i see cars blow threw the stop sign...and lets not forget the speeding??? wheres the police when this is happening?
  • Corner Of Lawson Rd And Brightwood Rd - Bristol
    See above. Incorrect sign with missing letters. Please replace sign
  • 47-103 Seymour Rd Terryville, CT 06786, USA - Litchfield County
    Seymore road from Harwington ave to route 6 (lake windfield playground area) this long stretch of road has so many holes and bumps I avoid it due to damages done to my car. This needs to be torn up and completely repaved
  • 55-237 Witches Rock Rd Bristol, CT 06010, USA - Bristol
    Witches Rock Road is a mess again. Same problem as last winter that was never fixed. Areas of the road were torn up and patched due to water lines being installed. during the winter the road falls apart and raises up due to the poor patch jobs by the various construction companies. Should have been fixed last year
  • 126 Tulip St. Bristol, CT - Bristol

    this fence ts owned by the city of Bristol..the force from flood waters took it down. there is a 12 to 15 foot drop down to the river bed which now due to the lack of rain is very rocky. someone is going to get hurt or even killed. i'm uploading a youtube video hard to see but its right next to the yellow garage..

  • 601 Main St Plymouth, CT 06782 - Litchfield County
    the town of Plymouth public works/town engineer does a horrible job.....they allow homeowners to grade drive ways and property in such a way that pushes water run off across heavily traveled roads creating 2 to 3 inch thick un treated slabs of ice in the middle of the road
  • 1 Perkins St Bristol, CT - Bristol
    at the "wye" at matthews street and perkins street in bristol, a stop sign would be a good idea just before the right hand turn onto perkings street, matthews street going west is a hill which turns past greirs and then a blind spot for on coming cars if your sitting at the only stop sigh on perkins st. you cant see if anyone is coming up the hill till its too late, there should be either a stop sign there or a 3-way stop, i go this way almost all the time in a dump truck loaded with dirt ot a pickup hauling a 15ft trailer with mowing equipt, its an accident ready to happen, and some people go up that hill like their going to a fire.
  • 565 Clark Ave Unit 3 Bristol, CT - Bristol
    everyone else in area has power
  • 62 El Toro Dr Bristol, CT - Bristol
    We have no power, no AT&T uverse
  • 620-640 Witches Rock Rd Bristol, CT 06010, USA - Bristol
    There is a terrible frost heave on Witches Rock Road between Longview Ave and Kilmartin Ave. It's bad enough that you have to slow to about 10 mph or you bounce hard enough to skip a CD player.