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  • 315 New Hartford Road Barkhamsted, CT 06063. - Barkhamsted
    CT Department of Transportation resurfaced Route 44 in August of 2003; since, the storm water has been dumping on to my driveway at 315 New Hartford Road, Barkhamsted, CT 06063. CT DOT also opened up a water trench to allow neighboring properties to dump the storm water on to my driveway. To this day, CT DOT refuses to fix the problem and provide me an equal access to my business, which I invested my live saving in order to provide myself a livelihood.
  • New Hartford Rd Barkhamsted, CT 06063, USA - Barkhamsted
    This intersection is so dangerous if you are trying to make a left and turn out of East West hill. The worst part is that just to see if traffic from the right is coming you have to sneak up past the telephone pole and the front end of your car is very close to the white line. People continue to use that as their own raceway so one day someone is bound to get clipped.
  • 263-267 Connecticut 179 Barkhamsted, CT 06063, USA - Barkhamsted
    CT Route 219 Intersects with CT Route 179. Vehicles traveling north on 219 from Barkhamsted going straight toward East Hartland (RT 219 changes to Route 179 and the continuous roadway is also named East Hartland Road) or in the opposite direction, do not have a stop sign. Vehicles coming from Granby on RT 219 must stop. Many times, vehicles stopped at the intersection, ignore vehicles traveling north or south on East Hartland Road and just pull out in front of them. There have been many accidents here and the State should consider installing all-way stops or at least a flashing red/amber light .
  • 318 At 219 - Barkhamsted
    At the Intersection just past the reservoir parking area is a stop sign. It is very difficult to see traffic going North bound on 219 from the stop sign. In fact you have to almost turn completely around in your seat to see approaching traffic.
  • 11 Heather Hill Road - Barkhamsted
    House on a nice family street that throws parties and has about 7 cars in the driveway at all times. Free running dog, cars coming and going at all hours. Intoxicated people wander the street at night and litter everywhere.
  • West River Road Barkhamsted, CT 06065 - Barkhamsted
    Why do parents park on the side of the road when there are open spots in the newly expanded parking lot? I just don't understand why you would risk your child's safety and the safety of other drivers, bikers, runners, walkers etc - just to be closer to the field. This is an accident waiting to happen.
  • Center Hill Rd Rt 181 - Barkhamsted Litchfield County, CT, USA - Barkhamsted
    now being chipped & paved, the unpaved areas are dangerous! Two flat/destroyed tires this week (good tread) - different vehicles, different drivers, driving below the speed limit. Hope no emergency vehicles (Barkhamsted, New Hartford, Hartland) have to use this road!
  • 110-114 E Hartland Rd Barkhamsted, CT 06063, USA - Barkhamsted
    road closed / alternate route sign is after the turn not before it.
  • 2-22 Hearthstone Dr Barkhamsted, CT 06063, USA - Barkhamsted
    Sinkhole at the corner of carriage lane and hearthstone. This is not a very wide sinkhole but very deep. It is partially hidden because of the rise in the road and I nearly stepped in it. If I did, I would have fallen clear up to my thigh! Very dangerous to kids and joggers in the area.
  • W. West Hill Rd & Route 44 - Barkhamsted
    This intersection needs a traffic control light. Blindspots combined with the sun and alternating traffic light releases from both directions in the morning causes a dangerous condition. I see near misses every morning and it's a popular route to NWR 7 High School with inexperienced drivers crossing. Somebody's gonna get hurt or worse.
  • Route 44 Old North Rd Barkhamsted, CT - Barkhamsted
    Botton of Old North Road onto route 44 before skiltons antiques. Monthy serious accidents. Sun glare when heading east on 44 has caused many rear end accidents. Heavy traffic makes it tough to exit left or right onto route 44. Another possibly fatal accident there tonight.
  • U.S. 44 Barkhamsted, CT 06063, USA - Barkhamsted