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Let's all pitch in to make Mt. Washington the safest neighborhood in Pittsburgh. Report ANYTHING you see that is suspicious!

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  • The Edge Archived
    1 Grandview Ave Pittsburgh, PA 00 - Mount Washington
    Building is condemned Getting close to being torn down. Could be by end of year. Waiting for the zoning hearing which we should all attend.
  • 18 Haberman Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15211 - Mount Washington
    There is new graffiti on the side of this house. It was recently painted and then re-tagged by some bad graffiti artists.
  • W Warrington Ave Pittsburgh, PA - Mount Washington
    The entire section from estella to Bobggston is covered with potholes. Without question this is the worst section in all of Pittsburgh! Please fix it asap!
  • 470 Woodruff St Pittsburgh, PA 15211 - Mount Washington
    There's a series of potholes on Woodruff near the bottom of the hill 100 yards on both sides of the Woodruff & Wabash Tunnell intersection. Cars have been swerving all over the lanes, especially heading outbound.
  • 224 Kearsarge St Pittsburgh, PA 15211, USA - Mount Washington
    Constantly kids doing drugs and vandalizing an abandoned house on Kearsarge.
  • 98 Estella Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15211 - Mount Washington
    the owner of the property abandoned and moved away and left the house to be destroyed by drug addicts.
  • 587 Mcardle Roadway Pittsburgh, PA 15211 - Mount Washington
    There is this major pothole on the right lane (if you were going down towards Liberty Bridge). It comes out of no where, and there are multiple hub caps along that spot too.
  • Mcardle Roadway Pittsburgh, PA 15211 - South Shore
    Big lane-wide hole to watch out for if you're coming down the hill.
  • Phone Menace Archived
    480 Bailey Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15211 - Allentown

    Verizon has a pay phone at the enterence of Grandview Park off Bailey/Beltzhoover that attracts shady characters jumping in and out of cars at all hours of the day.

    The phone is most certinly being used for drug transactions. I'd like to see it removed."

  • Green Arrow Archived
    Intersection Of Woodruff With Route 51 (Coming Down From Mt. Washington) - Mount Washington
    The green arrow present in the past on the traffic light at the bottom of Woodruff at the intersection with Rt. 51 appeared to be missing this afternoon around 12:30. What happened to it or could it be burnt out?
  • Unreasonable Archived
    Mcardle Roadway Pittsburgh, PA - South Shore

    I've watched this series of potholes wreck cars and flatten people's tires. Three years I've been driving over this and occasionally the city workers dump loose gravel into it. Thereby "fixing" it for about three hours.

    Kind of makes you not want to pay city taxes.

  • 341 Grandview Ave Pittsburgh, PA - Mount Washington
    This lot, which used to be nice residential housing, has been used as a construction material dump for approximately five years. "Temporary" fencing on only two sides of the property is in disrepair and is blocking a portion of the sidewalk. In the summer, the lot is covered in weeds with piles of debris and garbage scattered everywhere.