Charlie Bryan

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Watching issues created after: 2010-12-11

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  • 2583-2599 Belle Crest Drive Lawrence, Kansas - Lawrence
    The drainage on this section of the street is bad. The water has washed away the sidewalk.
  • 214 W 10th St Lawrence, KS - Lawrence
    The entire width of the West side 10th street is filled with potholes.
  • 1200 Schwegler Dr Lawrence, KS 66045, USA - Lawrence
    all of Missouri st from 19th to campus is potholes.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    1110 Haskell Ave Lawrence, KS 66044, USA - Lawrence
  • 2280-2298 Alabama Street Lawrence, Kansas - Lawrence
    The snow in front of KFC was not cleared at all. Despite the fact they have a sidewalk on both sides. Despite many complaints to the city, many complaints to the restaurant no action was taken. There is no way to get to the other side of the street. My pregnant wife almost fell over trying to go down the ice covered drive to reach the street. It is totally unacceptable what the city is allowing.
  • 645 New Hampshire St Lawrence, KS 66044, USA - Lawrence
  • 1012 Emery Road Lawrence, KS 66044, USA - Lawrence
    Arsonist sets trash collection on fire.
    Landlord reported that fires have been started in the trash compactor for several nights in a row. The culprit has not been caught and the landlord has decided to simply lock up the trash compactor and let the trash pile up in the nearby area. The arsonist has set said trash pile on fire on more than one occasion. This is extremely dangerous, especially in such windy weather and low humidity. Please address.
  • Other Acknowledged
    2997–2999 Haskell Ave Lawrence 66046, United States - Lawrence
    The ped signal on the northwest corner isn’t working when pushed
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    844 Broadview Dr Lawrence, KS, 66044, USA - Lawrence
    Potholes on 9th @ Avalon
  • 1400 W 8th St Lawrence, KS 66044, USA - Lawrence
    Storm Inlet at East end of WWTP parking lot clogged with leaves.
  • 600–638 George William Way Lawrence 66049, United States - Lawrence
    Pedestrian crossing button on the SE Corner of the intersection seems to not be working.
  • 101–105 W 6th St Lawrence 66044, United States - Lawrence
    Citizen reports multiple street lights blinking incessantly near Clinton Parkway and Lawrence Avenue intersection.