Meridian Hill Neighborhood Assoc.

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Minamanmanan ang mga isyu na ginawa pagkatapos: 2010-12-15

Napagbigyang-alam Tungkol

  • Insects Archived
    2401-2419 16th St Nw Washington D.C., DC 20009, USA - Meridian Hill
    There are a MIILLION mosquitos and other swarms of insects everywhere throughout Meridian Hill Park. Every grassy area has them. You can't walk through the park without walking in a cloud of insects. There are too many untreated stagnant pools of water as well that are fertile breeding grounds for them. Pls ask the Park and Recreation authority to treat this Park so we can enjoy walking through. I was there at 7pm last evening - it was still perfectly light outside - and fled from the swarms. Thanks.
  • 1520 V St Nw Washington, DC 20009 - Meridian Hill

    In general, east-west auto traffic in this part of the city is hampered by extreme north-south favoring light timings on all roads, harming locals to help commuters moving through the area to downtown. This intersection is a special problem because traffic entering the intersection from New Hampshire does not have a stop and cars, bikes, and pedestrians coming across on V St. are at great risk -- a tragic accident waiting to happen.

    Fixing this intersection could provide a much needed east-west route for local traffic. Alternatively, fix light timings on 15th St., which are ridiculous. See Euclid and 15th St. especially, which is a very poorly timed light.

  • 1551 W St Nw Washington, DC 20009 - Meridian Hill
    The brick sidewalk on the north side of W Street just south of Meridian Hill Park apparently hasn't been weeded for years. Perhaps 1/3 to 1/4 of the sidewalk is visible... presenting difficulties for anyone trying to use the one foot wide walkable area. The rest is covered in grass.
  • 1300 Block Of Belmont St Nw Washington, DC - Meridian Hill
    this block is full of potholes and loose gravel, much worse than other blocks around, would be great to see it paved
  • 16th Street Nw Washington D.C., DC - Meridian Hill
    Ang nilalaman ay hinadlangan ng mga pagtanggi
  • Vacant Lot Archived
    1421 Belmont Street Northwest Washington, DC 20009, USA - Meridian Hill
    This is a constant issue. Not only is the lot covered in trash and weeds, the weeds have destroyed the sidealk on belmont and the alleyway. This has been reported multiple times and although the occasional violation notice is issued fhis just adds to the trash. The sidewalk remains broken and the lot is never dealt with.
  • Bicycles Archived
    Columbia Heights Washington, DC, USA - Meridian Hill
    Dead bike 2134 13th st nw
  • 2221 14th St Nw Washington D.C., DC 20009, USA - Meridian Hill
    manhole labelled "sewer" has been leaking a steady stream of water for at least 36 hours
  • 1407 W St Nw Washington 20009 United States - Meridian Hill
    Abandoned mattress and dresser for weeks on sidewalk
  • Street Repair Acknowledged
    2100 14th St Nw Washington, DC 20009, USA - Meridian Hill
    The lanes and crosswalk markings on 14th ST NW at V ST NW have worn away. Please repaint the markings.
  • Bicycles Archived
    1390 V St Nw Washington, DC 20009, USA - Meridian Hill
    Need more bike racks. In the photo a parking meter, a street sign, and a tree are all used as bike racks. In front of Bus Boys and Poets. 14&v nw
  • Pothole Archived
    1329 Belmont St Nw Washington, DC 20009, USA - Meridian Hill