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  • 167 S Elm St Wallingford, CT 06492, USA - Wallingford Center
    Dangerous intersection - drivers do not understand what "4-way stop" means, they blow through the stop signs on Ward St. Ext. and S. Elm. These people are stupid, rude, and pose a threat to other drivers as well as pedestrians!!! Something needs to be done before someone gets hurt!
  • Corner Of Skiff And Whitney - Spring Glen
    people driving down whitney ave and speeding thru red light, every morning i witness this.
  • 100 Town Walk Drive hamden, CT - Hamden
    When Exiting Town Walk Drive and taking a left turn at the Intersection of Town Walk Drive and Hamden Hills Drive, the driver has no warning of oncoming traffic. When I look right for traffic the cars come down the hill so fast there is no warning and I have to floor the gas to prevent accidents. I believe a mirror displayed on a telephone pole/street light might prevent an accident here and help drivers observe oncoming traffic.
  • Center Street - Wallingford Center
    This is out of character for Wallingford, and really takes away from its small, friendly image. It wastes the officer's time, and gives the town a menacing atmosphere. For the record I have not received a ticket, nor do I know anyone who has, but I hate the big city, impersonal feel that this gives to the town
  • 468-496 Skiff St North Haven, CT 06473, USA - Spring Glen
    Intersection of Skiff Street and Ridge Road needs left turn signals from both directions to turn on to Ridge. Heading west on Skiff cannot see on- coming traffic due to steep incline.
  • Day Spring And Washington Ave Hamden, CT 06518, USA - Hamden
    washington ave has several doctors complexes on it as well as a senior housing complex and 2 day care's a family neighborhood that has become a *cut through* street for people wanting to avoid the lights on whitney and dixwell ...every day i watch cars speeding down the street with barely a pause at either of the two stop signs posted at the corners of day spring ave/washington AND lincoln/washington)...we hear screeching tires on a regular basis and would like speed bumps put in to force drivers to slow down.
  • CT - Hamden
    pavement is in very bad shape here
  • 64 School St Hamden, CT 06518, USA - Hamden

    This is a frustrating intersection. Vehicles traveling Eastbound on School St. want to turn North onto Whitney, but they cannot do so because Westbound travelers cannot pass due to parking congestion behind Eli's (and occasional vehicles blocking the road to allow police in and out of their driveway.

    I strongly recommend that the city invest in an engineer to solve this problem.

    If that doesn't happen, I offer the following suggestions:
    - Create a No Parking zone along the streets for 500 feet in all directions. This at least will allow Eastbound drivers passage around those turning North onto Whitney.
    - Lengthen the duration of the light for vehicles on School St.
    - Encourage police to avoid using the access driveway behind Eli's.
    - Make the parking lot behind Eli's a gated lot for handicapped plates and employees ONLY. I estimate that 70% of the traffic at this intersection is due to Eli's customers who try to park for dining, even though it is clearly marked "Take-out only." (The hired monitors engage in long conversation with people instead of giving clear direction, or they just sit in their chairs watching traffic accumulate. Eliminating ANY ambiguity will solve most of the traffic problems and save Eli's a lot of money in the long run.)
    - The city should install cameras to capture and fine Southbound vehicles who block the intersection (and crosswalks), though they have a red light. It happens on every light during peak traffic periods, so revenue for the city would be assured.

  • 720 Mt Carmel Ave Hamden, Connecticut - Quinnipiac University
    Although I'd like to report each and every serious pothole on Mt Carmel Ave, there are far too many and the road too dangerous to take pictures. After living on this road for the last 23 years, I've come to understand that as a minor backroad on the town's border, it does not recieve the same care as the town's major roads. However, with the continual expansion of Quinnipiac and the growing popularity of the road as a thruway between North Haven, Wallingford, and Hamden (including giant trucks that are no longer prohibited from using the road), this road has seen more traffic than ever before and its condition is worse than ever before. I have the greatest respect for the hardworking members of the Public Works department and I'd like to commend them on their work. However, it seems as if they're on the road almost once a week during the winter months and they still can't keep up with the giant holes that are no longer fillable with just patch. People do not drive slowly on this road and anyone who cares about the integrity of their vehicle (including myself who previously had a tire and rim damaged from a town road) is left with no choice but to swerve around all the major potholes causing an extremely dangerous situation on an already small and narrow road. The neighborhood association as well as employees from Sleeping Giant State Park have repeatedly voiced these same concerns. I truly hope this road is at the top of the list for repaving in the Spring, as the holes get wider and deeper and the likelihood of a serious accident or vehicle damage increases. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and passing it on to the appropriate authority.
  • 1326 Shepard Ave hamden, conn - Hamden
    its funny i woke up thismorning to the sounds of fire trucks,the house next door had a fire in the basement. after the fire was put out and they opened up shepard ave there was one fire truck still there for a while parked on shepard ave and the cars still were speeding down shepard ave and twice the firemen had to yell at the cars to slow down. we need some speed enforcement up here. i read mikes report and agree with him. someone is going to get killed up here. after midnight the cars go so fast down this street it is like a speedway. i no the police do a great job but how about some radar.i no they are not that busy at that time of night.
  • Long Hill Road At Ward Street Ext Wallingford Center, CT 06492, USA - Wallingford Center
    When approaching the stop sign on Long Hill and Ward Street Ext. from the country club, there's fence/land/brush on the right that prevents you from seeing vehicles coming up Ward Street Ext. You need to drive past the stop sign (into the intersection) to see down the hill. Many people that roll right through that stop sign so it's accident waiting to happen.
  • Mt Carmel Ave Hamden, CT - Quinnipiac University
    I travel this road daily. If I incur damage to my vehicle, I will definitely contact an attorney. The road is narrow, curvy, ridden with potholes (patched and not), and lined with trees in many areas that scrape your car at points. The town of Hamden really needs to correct this dangerous road in my opinion.