City of Hamden

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Watch area for Hamden city government

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  • 226 S New Rd CT 06518 - Hamden
    Lack of signage, & traffic simply is moving far too fast off Whitney onto Ives. Very dangerous for cyclists.
  • 24-30 Skiff St Hamden, Connecticut - Hamden
    There is no crosswalk or walk signal at the Skiff Dixwell intersection. With the large street width and traffic volume at this intersection, it becomes difficult and dangerous for an able bodied person to cross, let alone any on with a handicap or walking difficulty.
  • 2337 Dixwell Avenue Hamden, CT 06514, USA - Hamden
    Every time I go to stop and shop there is a line of people who just park in the fire lane and shop it backs up traffic and is a fire hazard it would be nice to see these cars towed or ticketed
  • Intersection Of Shepherd And Sherman Hamden, CT - Hamden

    I drive this way daily and it seems with every light change that the 1st car in the left turn lane on Shepherd going left towards Sherman/Hamden Hills DR, has to cut across in front of the oncoming Shepherd traffic to "be first" when the light goes green.

    This is annoying and dangerous and results in honking horns and people hitting their brakes. I think the lights need to be staggered differently to prevent people from doing this...or put a cop car there and write a dozen tickets a day "failure to yield right of way".

  • 1853-1899 Whitney Ave Hamden, CT 06517, USA - Spring Glen
    New traffic lights on Whitney Ave. are backing up traffic on it unnecessarily. The one at Glendowner Rd./Ridgewood Ave. is the worst, those at Thornton St. and Hawthorne Ave. almost as bad. They seel to be on fixed cycles, staying on green for the side streets when there is no traffic on them for much longer than needed. The old signals worked much better as they adapted to the traffic flow. I hope somebody in charge can report that this problem will be fixed as soon as possible. We may need traffic calming on Whitney but this is not the way to do it.
  • 473 River Rd CT 06518 - Hamden
    The stop signs on the canal trail crossing River Rd are facing the people on the trail instead of the cars.
    Cars drive very fast down River Rd and are not even required to stop at the intersection. The people on the trail often do not see the stop signs, as they are expecting the traffic to stop for them. This is a very dangerous situation. Please help!
  • 191-263 N Colony St Wallingford, CT 06492, USA - Wallingford Center
    There has been a lot of motorcycle thefts and car break ins in this area. I have reported to the Wallingford PD twice when they attempted to steal mine 2 weeks in a row! The area needs more of a police presence. There is a lot of drugs in the area(monte carlo bar), so the crack heads from over there could be part of the problem. Wallingford is a good safe place to live. It is a shame to see that change to a high crime area. Wallingford PD can make the difference.
    Edit: The police have stepped up patrols. I will continue to call. We have also made contact with an agency that is going to make the motorcycle thieves wish they stayed home. This is going to be better than watching the fireworks when these thieves come back this year! It is poetic justice.
  • Earl Ave Hamden, CT - Hamden
    Corner of Earl Avenue and Four Rod Road. To the left where the hill sweeps down toward Earl Avenue are large tree branches that block the view to the left on Four Rod. Very dangerous as the driver on Earl Ave has to pull far out into the roadway to see if it okay to cross the road. Trim those trees!!!
  • 2309 Ridge Rd North Haven, CT 06473 - North Haven
    This part of Ridge Road is almost unusable. IS extremely deteriorated.
  • QU Speeders Archived
    129 Russo Dr Hamden, CT 06518, USA - Hamden
    QU kids speeding in their cars down Russo Drive and Deerfield. They don't even stop at the stop sign at Deerfield/Russo. Kids are riding bikes and playing and they go faster. I have all license plates and have reported and will continue to report
  • 36 Pomeroy Ave Wallingford Center, CT 06492, USA - Wallingford Center
    A tenant a multifamily on Center Street routinely throws food garbage; ie pizza, meat, any leftovers into the road. Police have been called before without a change in behavior. he claims he is feeding the birds and was told he has to keep it on his lawn which he doesn't. I am disgusted by this unsnitary practice. Can anyone help?
  • Wharton Brook Con Wallingford Center, CT - Wallingford Center