City of Hamden

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  • Wharton Brook Con Wallingford Center, CT - Wallingford Center
  • 178 Skiff St CT 06473 - Hamden
    Road edge on north side of Skiff Street at the Parkway overpass is eroding and bush covered. Many parents ride with their kids on the north side of Skiff Street between their neighborhoods along Whitney and the canal trail. There is a sidewalk until the parkway overpass, which then disappears entirely. In this area, there is only a narrow strip of unstable dirt and a lot of bushes as you approach the overpass, and parents with children are forced to step into auto traffic on Skiff at this point. On the western side of the overpass, a beautiful sidewalk is installed for trail pedestrians and riders. The south side of Skiff between Whitney and the trail is even less kid-rider friendly, with almost no sidewalks. At the very least, the bushes and unstable dirt on north side of street need to be stabilized and cleared. Sidewalks along Skiff would be ideal!
  • 220 S Main St Wallingford Center, CT 06492 - Wallingford Center
    There have been many accidents and near accidents as a result of cars running stop sign. Cars do not stop for people in the crosswalk also. I would like the police or town traffic to address this intersection
  • 2309 Ridge Rd North Haven, CT 06473 - North Haven
    This part of Ridge Road is almost unusable. IS extremely deteriorated.
  • Earl Ave Hamden, CT - Hamden
    Corner of Earl Avenue and Four Rod Road. To the left where the hill sweeps down toward Earl Avenue are large tree branches that block the view to the left on Four Rod. Very dangerous as the driver on Earl Ave has to pull far out into the roadway to see if it okay to cross the road. Trim those trees!!!
  • 36 Pomeroy Ave Wallingford Center, CT 06492, USA - Wallingford Center
    A tenant a multifamily on Center Street routinely throws food garbage; ie pizza, meat, any leftovers into the road. Police have been called before without a change in behavior. he claims he is feeding the birds and was told he has to keep it on his lawn which he doesn't. I am disgusted by this unsnitary practice. Can anyone help?
  • 1650 Shepard Ave. - Hamden
    Way to much of a speeding and people not stopping at stop signs- SLOW DOWN AND STOP AT STOP SIGNS or Hamden P.D. PLEASE DO RADAR BEFORE SOMEONE DIES
  • QU Speeders Archived
    129 Russo Dr Hamden, CT 06518, USA - Hamden
    QU kids speeding in their cars down Russo Drive and Deerfield. They don't even stop at the stop sign at Deerfield/Russo. Kids are riding bikes and playing and they go faster. I have all license plates and have reported and will continue to report
  • 10 Hamden Hills Dr Hamden, CT 06518, USA - Hamden
    Many potholes on this street, needs to be filled!
  • 746 Mt Carmel Ave Hamden, Connecticut - Quinnipiac University
    Once again, there was an accident on the road due to the extremely dangerous conditions. The hill between 720 and 746 is absolutely destroyed and full of deep, sharp holes. I understand the town is very busy with storm cleanup and I thank them for their work. But this road has been in total disrepair for the last couple of years. Vehicles continue to swerve and drive on opposite sides of the road to avoid the deep holes that surely cause damage to vehicle wheels and suspension components. Roads in Hamden with far less traffic and better conditions are repaved while Mt Carmel continues to degrade further and more accidents occur. Again thanks to Public Works for all the hard work they continue to do. Please repave.
  • Plaza Terrace Hamden, CT 06514, USA - Hamden
    No one is willing to acknowledge responsibility for maintenance of property on right side of road leading into Hamden Plaza from Mix Ave.; neither the Plaza Maintenance, Serra Monte Apartments, or Help Desk, Hamden Town Hall.
    Small trees, weeds and abundant poison ivy grow on right side of road even overgrowing Bus Stop sign at steps leading to Hamden ice rink and tennis courts. When it rains the trees lean into the right auto travel lane. It is unsightly and dangerous. And it would be nice for bus commuters if there was more than a small area to stand on, especially in winter when snow is plowed up onto the mini-waiting spot. This is aside from the pot hole in right travel lane.
    The Plaza maintenance does take care of that side closer to the shopping center starting at the curve.
  • 2348-2360 Dixwell Ave Hamden, CT 06514, USA - Hamden

    I've been at this intersection in the last few weeks and people run the light nearly 5 seconds after a different light turns green.

    Without proper control, accidents are more likely than ever. I recommend implementing photo enforcement for this light.