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  • James Between Humphry 7 State St New Haven, CT - North Haven
    Huge potholes. Have been like this for a year.
  • Toelle Rd & Hartford Tpke - North Haven
    Early morning commute to take left from Toelle Rd to Hartford Tpke. Great # of cars turning from Hartfordk Tpke on to Toelles Rd. Need 3 way stop sign Also bushes need to be cut, obstructing views with traffic.
  • Hartford Turnpike X Vineyard Hamden, Connecticut - North Haven
    On the west side of Hartford Turnpike at the intersection with Vineyard, there is a tree dangerously leaning over the Turnpike. Possibly just a branch needs to be trimmed, but it looks as if it would fall if we get a big snow or ice storm. There are other trees along the west side of the Turnpike between Old Orchard & Jackson that should also be checked out. Thank you!! also, my Category dropdown only allowed me one choice - "Post to Neighbors," so I hope Hamden Public Works sees this.
  • 21 Fans Rock Rd Hamden, CT, 06518, USA - Hamden
    several big potholes in road going east toward Shepard ave directly in front of 21 Fans Rock rd
  • 300 Mount Carmel Ave Hamden 06518, United States - Hamden
    The amount of tornado debris on Tuttle Ave is dangerous.
  • Danny'S Way Wallingford, CT - Wallingford Center
    Trees and grass need to be cut . When you pull out onto ward street at intersection of Danny's way you can't see cars coming down hill. Please send someone out to cut trees and grass. Thank you
  • 296 State St North Haven 06473, United States - North Haven
    Consistent high speed heavy truck traffic in this area. Many accidents happen. Traffic calming measures needed and immediate police intervention requested
  • 963 Elm Stret New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Hamden
    Jeep Grand Cherokee Ct plate 404-SWU, color gray. Has smashed right front area, headlight gone, and ALL TIRES FLAT. Reported to police five times over last two weeks - "can't find it, will send officer again..." "not actionable"...this is not a dumping ground- "we'll send officer again to put on a will-be-towed sticker"...NOT DONE. Alderman notified/waiting!!!
  • Exit 66 Off Of 691 South Wallingford, CT - Wallingford Center
    Traffic light isn't working. Very dangerous. Almost witnessed several accidents already. The exit across from sonic in wallinford
  • Mansion Road & South Turnpike Road Wallingford, CT. - Wallingford
    The stop sign at Mansion Road to come out onto Turnpike Road is set to far back cars just go right through stop sign and cut right into oncoming traffic causing many cars to swerve to avoid them. This stop sign needs to moved up towards S Turnpike Rd so perhaps maybe they will STOP and be considerate and LOOK!
  • 61 Chestnut Lane Hamden, Connecticut - Quinnipiac University
    we still need branches picked up on chestnut lane from the tornado. you guys have done a great job in the recovery but its getting dangerous with the school buses and children waiting at the end of the driveways. some kids cant be seen behind the piles.
  • 2372 Whitney Avenue Hamden, CT. 06518, Hamden, Connecticut - Hamden
    Centerbrook & Worth, (south end) in the middle of the intersection by the manhole cover.