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  • 107 Toelles Rd North Haven, CT 06492 - North Haven
    Several potholes/rough ground
  • 137 Briarcliff Rd Hamden, CT - Hamden
    I would like to submit a request for monitoring vehicle speed on Briarcliff Road given that many vehicles exceed the 25mph limit on this residential road between Whitney Ave and Evergreen Ave. This is a popular road for pedestrians, dog walkers, and there are several young children who ride bikes, rollerblade, go for walks, etc. along this road. The accelerated speed of vehicles, combined with this hilly, winding road and frequent pedestrian traffic, is a major cause for concern to residents. We welcome a radar speed display, as well as your consideration and recommendation for additional measures to deter speeding on this road. Thank you for reviewing this request, and for your continued efforts to improve safety in Hamden.
  • traffic Archived
    Ridge Rd hamden, ct - Hamden
    high speed traffic on ridge road, including semi truck, city bus, and other large vehicles -- all of which causing tremendous noise and air pollution.
  • North Haven, CT - North Haven
    I do not see any need for this new No Turn On Red Sign. Going west on Dixwell to turn right onto the ramp for Rt 40 Eastbound. This is crazy, its a 3 way intersection with excellent visibility. While I try to stay law abiding, it seems dumb to just sit here when I can see that it is safe enough to turn right on red at this long light. Get rid of the sign and let us risk it.
  • 235 Ridgewood Ave Hamden, CT, 06517, USA - Spring Glen
    Overgrown brush obstructs sidewalk on Glen Pkwy (at corner of Churchill) year-round. Children have to walk in the street to get to school. This is especially dangerous in the winter, where snow banks prevent any refuge from passing cars.
  • Hamden Hills Drive Hamden, Ct - Hamden
    Reported from my mobile device
  • VERY DANGEROUS INTERSECTION - Whitney ave at Sherman Ave - this should be monitored frequently - it is manned when qu-pac has an event but not enough done with speeders on RT-10
  • 28 Thornton St Hamden, Connecticut - Spring Glen
    For the second time, we were greeted by a police officer on a Saturday morning before 8am asking us to move our cars with paving trucks waiting to start their work. This is unacceptable. The police officers even asked us for our neighbors cell phone numbers. What if we were asleep? Not home? Signs need to be posted at least 24 hours in advance to prevent the intrusion.
  • 118 Sherman Ave HAMDEN, CT - Hamden
    Large pot hole in front of 118 Sherman Driveway, several pot holes between 129 and 100 Sherman, one pot hole in the middle of the street is causing traffic issues as cars try to avoid it.
  • Millbrook Rd North Haven, CT 06473 - North Haven
    Potholes litter the entire street and need repair. The entire road should ultimately be repaved (with as much cross traffic as it now sees).
  • 1 Centerbrook Road Hamden, Connecticut - Hamden
    The entire sidewalking from the intersection of Worth Ave and down 1 Centerbrook Rd to 139 Centerbrook Rd is not user friendly for people who can walk never mind elderly who reside here and use waters and/or wheelchairs, dangerous cracks, frost heaves, entire sidewalking needs to be replaced
  • 77 Still Hill Rd Hamden, CT 06518, USA - Hamden
    Installation of a turn signal at the corner of Shepherd and Sherman Ave.This has been an issue that has been unresolved for several years, even after being promised an installation by the Chief of Police several months ago. As it presently stands, vehicles are tied-up, particularly going south, for more than one green light left onto Sherman Ave. Aggravating!