North Austin &SCedar Park

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North Austin &S. Cedar Park near 78717

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  • 10800 Calcite Trail Anderson Mill, Texas 78750, Austin, TX - Anderson Mill
    tree branches encroaching on sidewalk. savety hazard for those walking especially at night. have to duck to get under or walk around off the sidewalk on the uneven grass to avoid.
  • Anderson Mill Road Cedar Park, Texas - Travis County
    The left turn signal for traffic heading south on Anderson Mill Road and turning left on Cypress Creek Road is not working. This is causing huge traffic back-ups during commute hours and when parents are driving students to and from Cedar Park High School and Middle School. Please fix the left turn signal.
  • 11701 Crosstimber Dr Austin, TX - Anderson Mill
    Tree branches hanging low over street. < 5 feet for one tree, around 6 ft for another tree. need to be trimming up to the 13 feet requirment.
  • 9116 Castle Pines Drive Austin, Texas - Austin
    light s been out for a few weeks
  • 14115 Avery Ranch Blvd Austin, TX 78717, USA - Austin
    in two places - by wall and side walk
  • 10603 Mourning Dove Dr Austin, TX - Anderson Mill
    bush at mailbox overgrowing sidewalk. Sidewalk 60% blocked. Need to be trimmed back to allow walking clearance without having to walk on grass or around in street.
  • Hwy 1431 West Cedar Park Williamson, Texas - Cedar Park

    Road badly grooved, motorcycles will lose control.

    Have reported to DOT months ago they will do nothing.
    With ROT Rally here someone will get hurt/killed.

  • 456-498 S Bell Blvd Cedar Park, TX 78613, USA - Cedar Park

    There are TWO turn lanes coming east off little Buttercup Creek Blvd into northbound Bell Blvd, but no lines whatsoever. People are constantly driving into the other turn lane, almost causing crashes.

    I sometimes forget which lane I was in when the light finally turns green and I start going, and there's no way to tell unless you're about to hit someone who was already in that lane

    This website is a great idea. Hope it takes off!

  • Wagon Gap Drive Austin, Texas - Anderson Mill
    City of Austin resurfaced streets in Anderson Mill area beginning late last year with applying sealant to cracks then 6 months later coming in and spreading tar and gravel. That was two months ago and the city has yet to come back and sweep up the loose gravel. Since then cars have picked up the gravel and thrown onto the sidewalks, driveways and gutters. COA has been negligent in finishing the job. Before COA annexed the area, the MUDD took care of the same task in a matter of days. COA is not servicing Anderson Mill at the same level as the MUDD.
  • 10512 Wendts Way Austin, TX 78750, USA - Anderson Mill
    many potholes from 620 to 183 along this road
  • 12303 Hickorystick Cove Austin, TX 78750, USA - Anderson Mill
    Street lamp out and obstructed by branches. Located at the end of Hickorystick Cove.
  • 620/Anderson Mill Austin, Texas - Travis County
    Nighttime settings at this intersection are currently the same as daytime and so at 4am I have to wait for several minutes heading east on Anderson Mill while there is little or no traffic on 620.Used to be better.