City of Newburgh

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  • South William At Colden - Newburgh
    large trash bags and some machinery dumped.
  • Intersection Of Clinton & Liberty Street Newburgh, NY - Newburgh
    Thank you for collecting the mattress that was dumped earlier. However, dumping continues and this is just an eyesore, two blocks away from local museum, hinders tourism etc. Helpful to clean up lot, post notices "violators will be prosecuted" etc. also not allow parking on lot. Tow cars.
  • 361 Powell Ave Newburgh, NY 12550, USA - Newburgh
    These pot holes have been here for the last 3 years as a student. They need fixing ASAP! They wreck havoc with a number of cars that travel through the area.
  • Washington Place (Entire Street) Newburgh, NY - Newburgh
    Our street lights have been taken down and never replaced. When can we as taxpayers expect them to be put up:?
  • Third Street Newburgh, NY - Newburgh
    What are they cutting down trees on one block and planting new ones on another. We're losing trees on Third Street.
  • 106 Washington St Newburgh, NY 12550, USA - Newburgh
  • Pothole 2011 Archived
    2-56 N Robinson Ave Newburgh, NY 12550, USA - Newburgh
    Huge pothole on Robinson Avenue (9W) Northbound which is the entranceway to Newburgh City Court.
  • 12 Washington Place Newburgh, NY - Newburgh
    I've been complaining to Verizon about the wires in front of my house distracting my view of the Hudson, they're in need of repair and tightening. Also they told me they would remove the pole in my yard and I'm not able to follow up on any of it, they don't return my calls.
  • 2-56 N Robinson Ave Newburgh, NY 12550, USA - Newburgh
  • 73 S Robinson Ave Newburgh, NY 12550, USA - Newburgh
  • 242 Valley Ave Newburgh, NY 12550, USA - Newburgh
    Can't come in or out of Valley Ave. from South St. without hitting several potholes.
  • 24 Valley Ave. Newburgh, NY 12550, USA - Newburgh
    Very hard to make a right hand turn from First St. onto Valley Ave., especially if any there's any traffic coming out of Valley Ave. It's a very deep pothole.