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  • 737 Edgewood Ave New Haven, CT 06515, USA - Westville
    Have noticed individuals, at night, at school playground performing sexual acts. Also have been noticing different vehicles parking either in parking lot by playground or on West Rock Ave by playground.
  • Graffiti Archived
    117-145 W Elm St New Haven, CT 06515, USA - Westville
    Rather large graffiti "mural" at the Westville Quality Market
  • Plow?! Archived
    Woodbridge Ave. New Haven, CT - Westville
    Please plow Westville's side streets. Woodbridge Ave. and Woodside Terrace need to feel the love! Thanks.
  • 607-687 Edgewood Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    Off road motorcycles and ATVs have been buzzing this neighborhood all day, tearing up the lawns on the meridian at Edgewood Park and popping wheelies. These are NOT children, some of them look to be in their forties. I thought this was an issue that had some muscle behind it, but the police do not seem to be doing anything about it again.
  • Potholes Archived
    102-110 Fountain Street New Haven, CT 06515, USA - Westville
    Two very deep holes have shown up next to one another at the intersection of Fountain / Alden / Harrison, in the eastbound lane of Fountain right before the traffic light. There is additional buckling to its right. Very deep and practically impossible to avoid!
  • Tour Avenue New Haven, CT - Westville
    There is an improperly posted Toni Harp sign in downtown Westville on the right on the first block of Tour Avenue. It was posted on the public space outside the antiques store. These signs should only be posted on private property and should be removed, please.
  • 497-521 Blake Street New Haven, CT 06515, USA - Westville
    No xwalk at corner of Philip /Blake and Whalley. Deadly situation just saw 3 year old boy crossing here nearly hit by Poland Spring truck.
  • Central Avenue new haven, ct - Westville
    Yesterday morning, September 26, at 7:55 a.m. a school bus ignored the two-way stop sign at Yale Avenue and Central Avenue, causing my husband to stop suddenly, slide and fall to the ground injuring himself, our scooter, smashing his helmet, and has suffered temporary loss of memory. I am now out a deductible because he was unable to identify the bus as he was lying in the street injured. The bus DID NOT stop.
  • 278-286 Yale Avenue New Haven, CT 06515, USA - Westville
    Un-plated motorcycles and ATVs running up and down Edgewood, Yale Ave, and coring through Edgewood Park. Parents are now avoiding the playground for safety reasons. Riding recklessly (wheelies WHILE ON PHONE) and wearing scarves to hide their faces. Officer on scene says "Not much we can do." Giving up and letting these guys rule the street is not really my understanding of what community policing is about.
  • West Rock Ave New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    Someone shot out a bunch of car windows last night on West Rock Ave between 12am-1am. If this happened to you too please file a police report.
  • Fountain And Forest New Haven, CT - Westville
    The Westville Village Association has identified Fountain St as its top priority for a new bike route in Westville. What do you think? Should parking be restricted in order to make room for bike lanes, or would sharrows be enough? Please share this SeeClickFix issue with anyone you know who lives in the area or who might benefit from bike lanes here.
  • 864 Whalley Ave New Haven, CT - Westville
    Person is intimidating patrons of local businesses, asking for money, stopping traffic. Impossible to go to the ATM or any resaurant without being harrassed.