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The neighborhood residents on First Ave are outraged about the speeding conditions on First ave. The Low-Rider type cars, pick up trucks and trailers use First ave as a free-for-all speedway.. Its only a matter of time before their is a major speeding accident, like the fatal hit and run of the elderly woman in 2009, by Chicks. First Ave has to be Policed better, in one day you could probably catch 50 cars seriously speeding between Main St and the water treatment plant on First ave.

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  • 343 Beach Street West Haven, CT - West Haven
    We reside in a 30 units condominiums building known as OCEANSIDE on Beach Street in West Haven.. The speeding and THE NOISE MAKING is unbearable.
    Several years ago we had a meeting with the mayor to discuss the SPEEDING and the UNBEARABLE NOISE issues. Nothing was done.
    Police present in the summer was tried ,but as soon as they go the speeders and the noise makers return. SPEED BUMPS are the only answer to these problems. They where placed all over the beach streets of Milford. Also on several streets in New Haven. In all these locations the problem was solved and there where no accidents.
  • First Ave West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    The First Ave neighborhood residents between Main st and the Water Treatment plant are outraged.. Speeding cars and cars passing into oncoming traffic or lanes on first ave is unbelievable. We clocked a low-rider type car doing 95MPH at 3pm today passing another car by the West Haven Yacht Club heading toward the beach. The speeding and lane passing needs to be policed better. Its only a matter of time before we have a major accident like the elderly woman that was fatally hit by Chicks.
  • 322-368 Ocean Avenue West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    Back in April 2012, a citizen wrote to Gripe Vine regarding the lack of sidewalks "on either side of Ocean Avenue from Robert Street to Harding Street and it is very dangerous for adults and children walking". The response was that "we're in limbo at this point. If you don't see any activity on this site within a month, let me know and I will start from square one." That was over a year and a half ago, and there has been dead silence and no change. People with baby carriages, those who are in wheelchairs or otherwise require assistance walking, and anyone else who just wants to walk is forced to negotiate lumpy dirt/snow, walk through someone's yard, or walk on Ocean Avenue, where they will probably be hit by a speeding car. Why is it so hard for the City of West Haven to put in what amounts to approximately 100 feet of sidewalk? This complaint has been issued by many people over decades, yet nothing has been done.
  • Colonial Blvd. West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    Colonial Blvd, needs to be made one way on each side. There is not enough room on each side of the street for two way traffic. One side of the street is notoriously busier than the other, that is not fair we all pay the same taxes. I have attached an image of how the one way traffic flow should work on the street. If the police department is not competent enough to see that there is an issue here and make a necessary change, perhaps a signed petition by residents and a formal complaint to he CT. DOT would be in order. In addition,since the weather has gotten nicer there has been an increase in motorcycle traffic and speeders on the street as well. In addition, between 6:45 am and 7:15 during the week a school bus is always speeding southbound down the street. In regards to the blight, it would be much appreciated if the city could spend a little money to clean up the creek and the grounds in the middle of the street, and possibly plant some trees or grass.
  • Beach St West Haven, CT - West Haven
    This is a very hazardous area for walking, and there is no alternative across the street in front of Chick's, where there is no sidewalk and little room for a pedestrian. So pedestrians are forced to share this dangerous road with motorists who flaunt the absence of police patrol of this road (why is this??), and drive in reckless excess of the posted speed limit -- wait, there is NO posted speed limit on this road!. The city KNOWS this is a dangerous area because they put up cones for a charity walk on Sept 18, but then removed the cones at the end of the day. The problem is exacerbated by dangerous driving; east-bound motorists turn onto Beach St from Washington Ave, and then have the long straightaway to accelerate to speeds often exceeding 50mph, with complete impunity, reaching the bend at Morse Ave and often appearing to barely have control of their vehicle as they make the turn...right where pedestrians are now walking. All that's waiting to happen is for one of these motorists to be texting or talking on a cell phone, and for someone, tragically, to be killed or seriously hurt. This is malicious negligence on the part of the city of West Haven, and should something tragic happen, they should be taken to task and to court. There's no reason why they can't put up temporary structures, such as NJ dividers, to create a safe passage for ped's. Of course, there's also no reason why they can't install speed humps on Beach St (such as one finds more and more on streets in New Haven), or some other traffic calming device. And as days shorten, morning walkers are even more endangered, walking in the dark and sometimes in fog, by the long stream of speeding east-bound commuters (often using cell phones, doing their hair, etc.) who use Beach St as an alternative to other east-west roads that slow them down with traffic lights and stop signs.
    Shame on you, West Haven!!
  • 4 Th Avenue West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    An almost nightly happening, some reckless fool races his bike, and sometimes his friend follows in a car, down the one way street, the wrong way. Since there is a bend 1/2 way down the street from the entryway, this creates a blind spot for anyone driving down the street correctly, and the potential for a serious accident. Also, with children, pets and elderly/disable residents, there is the question of speeding in general, and whether someone is able to be alert to the cyclist coming at them from the wrong direction, thus another potential danger. (Never mind area pets!) It happens almost every evening, especially on the weekends, around 8 ish...And whoever the guilty party is, they seem to stop midway down the block. I worry about this because with the potholes on our street, we already have the obstacle course challenge, and now we have the kamikaze cyclist added on.
  • 214-216 Blohm St corner Cottage, West Haven, CT - West Haven
    Illegal loud bombs shooting off each nite, they speed their cars and friends cars, they screech their cars loud when going around corners, third flr dogs loose most of time,excessive noice daily and also dealing drugs with house across street. They have been served w/eviction by owner.
  • Washington Ave West Haven, CT - West Haven

    I see the Police driving down Washington ave doing at least 70 Mph sometimes. No sirens no lights nothing. This neighborhood (Brown st. down to the beach on Washington) is full of kids that play outside. Also I see a ton of accidents at one particular corner on Washington Ave and cars arent even going that fast. Are they going to do it until they kill someone?

    I know they have the right to speed to get somewhere in emergencies but with no lights, no sirens?! stopping at a stop sign!?

  • Captain Thomas Blvd West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    capt. thom. blvd. - Camp. ave. to Washington ave. Someones going to get killed !!! esp. on the weekends
  • Martin St. Between Court And Main - West Haven
    Cars routinely travel at excess speeds along this one-block, narrow street with parking on both sides. The risk of a head-on collision or a child being struck is high.
  • 97 Beach Street West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    This ball park is heavily used at night, and the ballplayers congregate in the parking lot during and after their games drinking beer, and leaving trash. There are often as many as 40-50 cars here -- shouldn't that be a large enough concentration of people to warrant a routine patrol by the police department? The shoreline is a very busy place this time of year, with lots of illegal activities, including speeding along Beach St. Yet not a cop in sight. Ever.
  • 407 Center St West Haven, CT 06516 - West Haven
    The problem we are having is people not stopping for the stop sign at the very end of Center Street. Cars continually spped down the street, blow the stop sign and turn left up Candee Ave. Our neighborhood is comprised of over 20+ kids which are constantly outside. It is my opinion that it is only a matter of time until a child is hit by a car.