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  • Bike Lane Archived
    Whitney Avenue Hamden, CT - Hamden
    We need a bike lane from Hamden to New Haven. Whitney Avenue is one of the most dangerous roads to ride on, however drivers should not blame cyclists, but the lack of secured paths for cyclists. No rider in their right mind wants to negotiate space with vehicles that can kills us..
  • VERY DANGEROUS INTERSECTION - Whitney ave at Sherman Ave - this should be monitored frequently - it is manned when qu-pac has an event but not enough done with speeders on RT-10
  • Intersection Near Whitney Ave And Sherman Ave Hamden, Connecticut - Hamden

    At 10:50pm on June 25th, 2014, a horse was wandering and crossing the street at the intersection near Whitney and Sherman Avenues (where the 2 churches are located). It was pitch black at night and the horse as well as the rider, who presumably was trying to regain control of the horse on foot, did not have any reflectors or light sources to make their presence known. The horse was slowly walking throughout the street in both directions of traffic, while traffic was stopped. No other vehicles used their indicator lights or horns to caution other drivers.

    The young woman trying to direct the horse through traffic wore a light blue shirt and shorts. 911 was contacted regarding the issue, but was unsure if the call was taken seriously. The lighting of this section of this street could be adjusted because visibility was negligible.