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A concerned long time resident and business owner

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  • No Recycling Archived
    4905 N. Glenwood Ave Chicago, Illinois - Lower West Side

    Still no recycling pickup for apartment complex 4905-4915 N. Glenwood Ave. as mandated for multi-unit residential buildings.
    See http://seeclickfix.com/issues/1224426 and http://seeclickfix.com/issues/1164911.

    Would be really nice if the city would enforce this ordinance. When can we expect this to be fixed?

  • Anywhere Chicago, IL - Lower West Side
    Call 311 in Chicago to report issues and request services. Chicago maps and tracks all 311 requests. This is a third-party site with no involvement in addressing these issues. If you want something done, call 311.
  • 731 W. 19th Place Chicago, IL - Lower West Side
    Why is the Church pastor allowed to park on the sidewalk? This is a very un-neighborly and unsafe practice. Why won't the police ticket them? Help!
  • 1930 South Morgan Street Chicago, IL 60608, USA - Lower West Side
    This corner is getting worse and worse with graffiti. Now, there are at two layers of tagging on the side of the building.
  • 1144 West 18th Street Chicago, IL 60608, USA - Lower West Side
    Flooded alley between 17th and 18th in 1100 block
  • 900 North Wolcott Chicago, IL - Lower West Side
    Some parts of Ukrainian Village don't have blue recycle bins. For instance, there are none south of Augusta in my part of the neighborhood. Yet there are plenty blue bins for houses on the north side of Augusta. I've been told they are being phased in, but it's been more than a year.
  • 2033-2099 South Halsted Street Chicago, IL 60608, USA - Lower West Side
  • Graffiti Removal Acknowledged
    913 West Cullerton Street Chicago, IL 60608, USA - Lower West Side
  • 1827 South Carpenter Street Chicago, IL 60608, USA - Lower West Side
  • traffic Open
    Fullerton Entrance To Southbound Lakeshore Drive Chicago, IL - Lower West Side

    During the AM rush, between 8-9:30 am, drivers routinely enter the fullerton entrance ramp to LSD from the left lane rather than the right. In doing so, they cut off the drivers who are in the correct right turn lane and add to the commute of all the other drivers who are patiently awaiting their turn to get onto LSD. The roads are clearly marked and it is illegal to make the turn from the left lane but it still occurs because there is no consequence to the drivers who break the law.

    I would like either a small barrier to prevent drivers from entering LSD in this manner or a camera to record these drivers as they perform this illegal turn so they at least get ticketed.

    The beauty of this fix is that it generates revenue for the city that they can then use to fix potholes elsewhere.

  • 1000 W Cullerton St CHICAGO, IL, 60608 - Lower West Side
  • 729 W 19th Place Chicago, IL - Lower West Side
    Construction being performed on a building with no safety equipment in place. Alley and sidewalk are exposed to falling debris from metal and masonry work with no scaffold. Workers aren't wearing hard hats or harnesses.