Rockville Community Alliance

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" Improving our town, together! "

The mission of the "Rockville Community Alliance" (RCA) is to improve and preserve the greater Rockville area of Vernon through the cooperative efforts of residents, the Town of Vernon, and other stake holders, including but not limited to: businesses, property owners, religious organizations, cultural services, and non-profit organizations.

Please consider being a part of the solution to improve our beautiful community!


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  • 32 Bellevue Ave Vernon Rockville, CT 06066, USA - Rockville
    There are a series of massive pot holes that started back in September of 2010. The combination of rain, snow and town plowing has destroyed this road. The pot holes are a minimum of 3 feet in diameter with a depth of 6-8inches. Vehicles are forced to drive around them onto the grass. Nothing has been done to repair this problem in over 6 months. Bellevue Ave was 80% paved mid to late last year but the town failed to complete the road. These pothole need to be fixed.
  • 215 Main St rockville, ct 06066 - Rockville
    This structure is in horrible disrepair. If the "investors" care at all about the community they should do something to close up the broken windows and clean up the facade of the building. Other buildings in a similar situation have been "beautified" in order to make the community feel more comfortable about it - why not rake up the broken glass and garbage and put a coat of paint on the building to make it look better until you get around to fixing it? Update- the repair/demo of this building just went out to bid - AGAIN?
  • 76 Union St Vernon Rockville, CT - Rockville
    since the "convenience store" has gone in a few months ago, the crime activity in the area and inside the building has increased dramatically. Drug remnants left in the halls(private halls), and garbage wrappers left all over the yard, parking at the end of the driveway blocking the entrance, trespassing and loitering, VERY sketchy people hanging around...I have 2 children I am TRYING to raise here and there has GOT to be something we can do. The landlords refuse to listen to our concerns and are doing very little to resolve any issues.
  • 224-232 W Main St Vernon, Connecticut - Rockville
    The broken fence was run over by a car
  • 55 West Main Street Vernon, Connecticut - Rockville
    This graffiti wall appears to be on the Building and Economic Development Department building at 55 West Main Street. The graffiti wall, visible from Brooklyn Street, is only accessible from the parking lot of 55 West Main.
  • 88 Prospect St Rockville, CT 06066 - Rockville
    Near the construction areas on Prospect Street in Rockville, there are a couple of deep potholes that would require minimum attention to resolve.
  • 91-121 Ct-74 Vernon, CT 06066, USA - Rockville
    Walking down Union street sidewalks they are severely damaged. Needs some work.
  • Maple And West Main Street Vernon Rockville, CT - Rockville
    Last Fall, the Town of Vernon purchased an auction property that was over run with blight. A few weeks ago the Town removed all the trash and boarded the home up but left NOT one tree or shrub in the yard. They have totally stripped this property and haven't had the courtesy to install even a fence on the backside of it to ensure the privacy of the folks that live on the adjoining property who now get to stare at the back of a broken down boarded up house. Hoping someone does something or others may be forced to move and take their motor vehicle tax dollars and business to another town!!!
  • 80-90 Union St Vernon, CT 06066, USA - Rockville
    Was covered and now people think it is ok to remark things again
  • 32-46 W Main St Vernon, Connecticut - Rockville
    The signs will be very ornate and read "now entering Rockville the city beautiful"
  • 80-90 Union St Vernon, CT 06066, USA - Rockville
    Oak st sign is missing letters people keep asking what the street name is
  • 31 Union St Vernon, CT 06066, USA - Rockville
    One hour parking sign bent in front of hospital