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Watching issues created after: 2010-12-31

I am appaled at Norristown period! it should be better handled then it is! i grew up in west norriton and beauty was the middle name! we have to change this ev 1!

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  • 28 E Airy St Norristown, PA - Norristown
    Despite the No Parking signage, vehicles are continuing to illegally park on the south side of Airy St. in the area between where the marked 15 min. parking spaces end and Strawberry Place/Penn St in order to make quick drop-offs to the post office or mailbox. Drivers, especially courthouse employees leaving the garage, making a left from Strawberry Pl. onto Airy St. are unable to see oncoming traffic when a vehicle is parked in this illegal zone and this creates the potential for accidents. I feel the Municipality should address this by placing bollards in this area to prevent any further illegal parking.
  • 1800 Block Of New Hope Street - Norristown
    The speed limit is 25mph. About 97% of the vehicles that drive on this road travel at a speed of 40mph and above. IT NEEDS TO STOP! The other problem is the trucks that travel on this road everyday. There are signs posted NO TRUCKS UNLESS LOCAL DELIVERY. These trucks are not making any deliveries. It is a residential neighborhood and the trucks must find another route.
  • 330 Dekalb St Norristown, PA - Norristown
    UPS trucks and other delivery vehicles often illegally park or double park on the east side of DeKalb St., below Penn St. This completely blocks the view of oncoming traffic on DeKalb St. for any drivers on Penn St. who are making a right onto DeKalb or crossing DeKalb. The Municipality should address this issue by installing bollards and/or stepping up enforcement.
  • 757 Kohn Norristown, PA - Norristown
    this company violates the codes and laws of norristown over and over again. this is Saturday, August 10th, and they have a flour truck out there at 8 am when the codes specifically say no deliveries until 9 am on Saturdays and Sundays. real nice when morabito flouts the laws and everyone in charge looks the other way, but if a regular person steps a little out of line, the boro comes down with some bad bakery cop on you hard
  • 304 W. Freedley St. Norristown, Pennsylvania - Norristown
    The woman who is renting there under Section 8 lives there with four daughters, the youngest is 5 years of age. Her father also lives there and sleeps in the basement. There is a constant parade of "friends" stopping by. Some of these people do not fit the profile of someone who would associate with this person. They are middle-class people who stop by for a few minutes only. On the other hand, there are many overnight "guests," some with children. There is usually loud, abusive language on the premises. I don't know if there is a limit to the number of persons who can stay in a Section 8 house.
  • 351 Harding Blvd Norristown, PA 19401, USA - Norristown

    The straight/left turn and right turn lane arrows on Harding Blvd. at Markley Street are faded. Often times, cars in the right turn lane will go straight, nearly causing an accident. I've had MANY near misses driving across Markley to Spruce over the last several months.

    The directional arrows should be repainted or overhead signs should be installed.

  • 757 Kohn Street Norristown, PA - Norristown
    Morabito is a polluter of noise and other things. They have a machine that is broken and invades your houses with noise. They wont fix anything until the borough or the government is called on them
  • at the stop sign of high street and ford street,these stop sign's are put back way to far and the drivers,stop about ten feet away from the corner and can not see sandy street so they just pull off and go and by the time they come across sandy street they don't see anything until its to late,this is very dangerous for the kids and people that cross high and ford street because of the stop sign's are to far back,we have had accidents because of this,one can't see what is coming up sandy street because the stop sign is to far back!! please help with this before some one's child are person gets killed!!
  • 230 W. Brown St. - Norristown
    For many months there has been a mound of large tree limbs and leaves heaped on the driveway of this property. One has to walk around it because it blocks the sidewalk. This address is 230 W. Brown St., but the debris is on Juniper St.
  • Markley Street & W Fornance Norristown, PA - Norristown
    There is a sign Markley street stating Large Semi-trucks or any large truck other then trucks the size of UPS or Fed-ex delivery trucks are PROHIBITED to use Markley Street while going NORTHBOUND. The trucks are to use Dekalb street instead due to more room and it being a once way. People can not park safely on the northbound street with out being scared to get their cars hit so the south bound lanes parking is used for both sides of the street. I think the town should get traffic cams to help solve this to fine the drivers when there are plenty of signs from the Bridge all the way up at each light or so stating you can not use this lane, it does not help that Markley had 202 written on he house bound side so I can see why out of town drivers can get confused, this needs to get fixed so drivers don't lose their side mirrors, my family has had to replace at least a dozen over the years due to this! Norristown, Please fix this!
  • 757 Kohn norristown, PA - Norristown
    why is this company allowing their delivery trucks to spew diesel into the air around children early saturday morning and other days. they been around for a 100 years and only in the last year put up the required sign that the state requires to keep trucks from running their engines but they ignore it and run the engines while they are delivering and the town ignores it too.