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I am appaled at Norristown period! it should be better handled then it is! i grew up in west norriton and beauty was the middle name! we have to change this ev 1!

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  • 757 Kohn norristown, PA - Norristown
    why is this company allowing their delivery trucks to spew diesel into the air around children early saturday morning and other days. they been around for a 100 years and only in the last year put up the required sign that the state requires to keep trucks from running their engines but they ignore it and run the engines while they are delivering and the town ignores it too.
  • Markley Street & W Fornance Norristown, PA - Norristown
    There is a sign Markley street stating Large Semi-trucks or any large truck other then trucks the size of UPS or Fed-ex delivery trucks are PROHIBITED to use Markley Street while going NORTHBOUND. The trucks are to use Dekalb street instead due to more room and it being a once way. People can not park safely on the northbound street with out being scared to get their cars hit so the south bound lanes parking is used for both sides of the street. I think the town should get traffic cams to help solve this to fine the drivers when there are plenty of signs from the Bridge all the way up at each light or so stating you can not use this lane, it does not help that Markley had 202 written on he house bound side so I can see why out of town drivers can get confused, this needs to get fixed so drivers don't lose their side mirrors, my family has had to replace at least a dozen over the years due to this! Norristown, Please fix this!
  • 501 Swede St Norristown, PA 19401, USA - Norristown
    This street is two way that leads into one way near the court house and no street lines are painted - many cars will go into the left lane assuming this is a two way street.
  • North Hills&Johnson Highway norristown, pa - Norristown
    2 broken apt finder, car newspaper boxes, trashed, broken, Have been there for over one year.
  • 757 Kohn Norristown, PA - Norristown
    was told by neighbor that noise was going to be fixed by company, but it's here again. neighbor said lost battle, but won war to fix problem. said cop told her that it was going to be fixed, and that company said it was going to be fixed. why is the noise back?
  • 235 E Airy St norristown, pa - Norristown
    kids with large rocks destroying bikes and throwing the parts on other property, but the cops responding don't care. Posters up everywhere by cops to stop violence but they berate people reporting this crime. Not calling anymore about this or the gunshots and the other crimes witnessed anymore. Cops are on their own as far as I am concerned. If they come around and ask me anything, I didn't see nothing! The dispatch was nice, but the cops responding were not. The place can burn to the ground as far as I am concerned. the brats may get run over, since the cops won't go after the parents to keep them from riding in the dark after I reported it several times to them.
  • 200-298 E Fornance St Norristown, PA 19401, USA - Norristown
    People are speeding along this road. There is to many kids in this vacinity and elders always crossing this street. Speed traps need to be set. The speed limit is 25. I sit and watch folks easy do 50-60 along my street.
  • 750 Haws Avenue Norristown, Pennsylvania - Norristown

    torn trash bags out on Thursday - June 19 will be ripped apart by animals before the real pickup day that is Tuesday in the alley behind the house along with a broken tv

    1. Trash put out for collection must be placed in a trash container (no larger than 32 gallons) with a secure lid. NO LOOSE BAGS OF TRASH. Limit four containers.
    2. Don’t place trash cans out for pick up more than 18 hours prior to your regularly scheduled collection time. Your landlord has provided you with a trash pick-up schedule. If you still have questions call J.P. Mascaro at 1-800-432-1616.
    3. Don’t leave trash cans out more than 18 hours after collection.
    4. Find a place to store your trash cans on your property – not in the alley or on the sidewalk.
    5. Pick up any loose trash around your cans.

  • Airy St And Stanbridge St - Norristown
    The light at Stanbridge and W Airy is too long at high traffic times. The light allows traffic to flow west on Airy St three times before it cycles to allow cross traffic on Stanbridge.This is evident by the intermittent flow of traffic on Airy St. The cross walk sign cycles but the traffic light does not. The light is red for over 4 minutes. I have seen many cars go through the red signal when they get tired of waiting.
  • 300 W. Freedley St. Norristown, Pennsylvania - Norristown
    This property has had trash bags that are full and a bucket filled with debris on their roof on the back (above their mud room) for many months. I have called Code Enforcement about two months ago and was told that the owner was cited. These articles are still on the roof. Not only is this an eyesore, but to me it is a safety issue as well.
  • 616 W Main Norristown, Pennsylvania - Norristown
    This property has had a leak or several leaks in its roof for months (since July). Reported this to the owner, Wayne Arena, with photos, my ceiling and porch are leaking in several places, also and the leak makes this trivial, weeds are growing over from his property to mine. Followed up with the owner - said he would do something but hasn't. Then contacted Code enforcement who promised to check sept 7, several follow ups with them get no response. Looks like easy fix but I can't be messing with someone else's roof! Any suggestions on next step?
  • 1530 Markley St. Norristown Pennsylvania - Norristown
    This homeowner once again has allowed tall weeds grow so out of control on either side of his front steps that some of the weeds have turned into small trees. He really should cut everything down and mow the grass. If only he would plant something attractive on either side of the steps such as an azalea bush, it would go a long way to improving the looks of his front yard. As it is, it looks very unsightly. I feel sorry for anyone who has to take those steps, such as the mailman.