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Watching issues created after: 2010-12-31

I am appaled at Norristown period! it should be better handled then it is! i grew up in west norriton and beauty was the middle name! we have to change this ev 1!

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  • 300 W. Freedley St. Norristown Pennsylvania - Norristown
    The owner has deposited construction debris and trash on the side of his fence facing Juniper Street and also on the curb. It has been sitting there for many months. Not only is it an eyesore, but anyone walking on the sidewalk may sometimes have to step around it because it spills over a bit. Not only is it debris, but also a broken planter and a beverage can. The trash on the curb under the large tree appears to be old table tops(?). Anyone parking on Juniper St. would have to step over them.
  • 300 499 Harding Blvd Norristown, PA 19401, USA - Norristown

    Harding Blvd and Sterger St has always been a confusing intersection. Now with baseball season upon us there are more children and traffic. There are children all around this intersection, from Elmwood park to the basketball courts, baseball fields and the Pal Center. A Stop sign or even a traffic light may help alleviate the confusion. Just once I would love to see a police car sitting on Harding Blvd between the corner and the Pal Center. People whip so fast around that corner and have no way to see what is in front of them until it is too late. Usually it is a parked car pulling out and you hear the brakes screech, but one day it could be a child crossing the road there!

    The police have no problem ticketing anyone for parking on the grass. It would be nice to see them help with this safety issue as well.

  • 1400 New Hope St. - Norristown
    When traveling to Sandy Hill from New Hope St., you can not see any part of the traffic lights until you are barely 20yds away. Lights are blocked by telephone poles and other obstacles. Unfortunately, we will see a serious accident occur at this intersection. We need a light,hanging horizontaly over the intersection.
  • 200 Block Of Dekalb And Lafayette - Norristown
    Recently a sign was added to make the right lane "turning only". There is no other indication of this such change such as an arrow painted on the road. I witness many close accidents every morning as people switch lanes in the 200 block of Dekalb.
  • 1800 Block Of Powell Intersecting With Logan - Norristown
    When people turn off of Johnson Hwy onto Powell Street they fly through the next stop sign which is at the corner of Powell and Logan (1800 blcok). It is a highly populated, residential area. There are many kids outside playing, and Septa has a bus stop right at the corner. Cars fly through there, most don't even look, or slow down. We need signs posted that say they will fine people for rolling stops just like Plymouth Township has. There has been accidents at this intersection because of it. If you sit for 5 minutes and watch 7 out of 10 cars don't stop! Very dangerous. I fear for the kids on the sidewalks playing.
  • 1000-1012 W Oak St Norristown, PA 19401, USA - Norristown
    pot holes, craters, cracking up, high points, low points. This street has been this way for over 1 year and continues to get worse. Coming from Buttonwood towards Noble Street you don't notice this until you are upon it. Then your initial reaction is to go into the opposing lane to prevent hitting all these rocky bumps. This needs to be fixed
  • 1442 Markeley St. Norristown, Pennsylvania - Norristown
    This chair was left at the front of this house many weeks ago. If they don't want it, why wasn't it donated to Heaven's Treasures or placed with the trash? It looks terrible just sitting there in all kinds of weather.
  • 900-998 Butz Alley Norristown, PA 19401, USA - Norristown
    There has been a couch and other trash left for approx 10 weeks behind houses in alley. It has been reported to the boro many times yet it continues to be there.
  • 600 Block Of Kohn St Norristown, PA 19401, USA - Norristown
    to many car turn in the wrong way and come down the street, and the alley hardly anybody stops at the stop signs. what will it take a child to get run down before something is done.
  • Hope Alley Norristown, PA - Norristown
    bulkmatic trucks unload while running the engines in violation of the state law. now they are unloading without unloading the truck, but at the end of the unloading they fire up the engine and run it for 20 or more minutes. the company said they need to run the engine, but why are they not running it for the first 2 to 3 hours that they are there? hogwash!
  • Ross Alley Norristown, PA - Norristown
    Many in the alley
  • 757 Kohn Street norristown, PA - Norristown
    officer bs wants to charge people who complain about his company