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  • 3rd St Watervliet, NY 12189, USA - Watervliet
    This road should ether be one way or no parking. road too small for two way traffic when vehicles are parked on the street.
  • Hudson Shores Apts Watervliet, NY 12189, USA - Watervliet

    Its really a shame that watervliet couldnt do anything about hudson shores apts

    this is not a thoroughfare so can you kindly ask your children to pls keep their boards and bikes off this property as it is private. their has been such an awful decrease in the use of the property of the people that live there...imagine coming out of your apt and getting run into by a bicyclist doing tricks or on those skateboards...then again who suffers...

    save the tricks for someplace else...

    perhaps the city of watervliet would like to open a boarders dome for the skaters and that would eliminate that problem...and for the bicyclists sidewalks and bike paths ..so please...

    let hudson shores please remain in peace...dont make the people afraid to come outside...for some that is the only solace they can have so dont take it from them...imagine going to your drs and not being able to make the appt bec you were run down by speeding byclists or skateboarders...doing flips..

    please you all have a lot more room to roam in then we do in our little corner of this wonderful city..so please let us live in peace ...and do your part...

    you would think that perhaps the school or city could open an area of the city for such things ...

    so please..whoever you are stay away from hudson shores unless of course you live there or have family that does as you are all welcome...

    and why your at it ....can you stay away from price chopper also...again that is a major thoroughfare ....but with all the little bikesters and skaters and smokers its becoming impossible to grocery shop...

    imagine your grandmother getting run over by a skater ...hmm...that wouldnt be to nice would it ...not to mention the blind the elderley...the disabled both physically and mentally so pls do your part and lets make watervliet city of the year...we do have a nice city...it is by far the greatest...

    but we have to work at it so pls again do your part...

    thank you on behalf of all 0-102!

  • 24 Crabapple Ln Watervliet, NY 12189, USA - Watervliet
    alot of potholes
  • Hoosick Street And 10 Street Troy - Watervliet
    heavy traffic on Hoosick Street in Troy at the intersection of Hoosick and 10th Street. Persons entering Hoosick street from 10th street are taking chances pulling into hoosick street on the red light. A no "right on red" would prevent possible accidents. Bad situation !! Very dangerous !!
  • 2131 2nd Avenue Watervliet, New York - Watervliet

    Nobody knows whether this section of NY Route 32 (2nd Avenue) is 4 lanes or 2 lanes!

    There are no white dotted lines to indicate which lane drivers are supposed to choose for thru-traffic or turning traffic, especially at the intersection with NY Route 2 at 19th Street!

    Drivers weave all over from lane to lane, and cut in front of other drivers because there are no proper lane markings!

    No left-turn arrows, no lane markings, no proper indication of which lane has its own turning lane! NOTHING!!

    What a mess!!!! Can we please at least get dotted white lines to indicate which lane we are supposed to be in?!?!

  • Potholes Archived
    Watervliet NY, USA - Watervliet
    There are a couple of big potholes on the Watervliet side of the bridge.
  • 258-298 19th Street Watervliet, New York - Watervliet
    Eastbound on 19th St. before 2nd Ave., the lane sign is incorrect. The sign shows that the left lane is for left turns and also for straight ahead when in fact the left lane (according to the painted arrow on the road) is for left turn traffic only. It looks like the straight part on the sign was covered with white paint but it is worn off.
  • 1900-2198 6th Avenue Watervliet, New York - Watervliet

    IDK why the city didn't make Price Chopper improve the traffic signals in front of the new store on Route 2, 19th St before they opened.

    It's gridlock most nights due to turning cars.

  • 23 Rd Streer Watervliet, NY - Watervliet
    The street lamp on 23rd street directly behind price chopper/market 32 is out, cause the street to be very dark during the night hours.