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  • Animal Issue Archived
    7 Florence St Natick, MA, 01760, USA - Natick
    I called to report this but I took pictures and wanted to show them. This dog mauled a poodle about 2 weeks ago. The owner apparently is still letting him be outside out front with no one watching and not leashed. So many people walk their dogs by this home. They should be ashamed.
  • 189 Worcester St Natick MA 01760, United States - Natick
    No gate on fence that enters from route 9 Extremely extremely dangerous!!! This opening is right next to the main playground structure If any small kid were to wander off or run off they could run right onto route 9 full speed traffic This seems like a very odd place to leave a massive opening in a fence at a playground for children Not safe at all A gate needs to be installed here ASAP before someone gets seriously hurt
  • 26 West St Natick, MA, 01760, USA - Natick
    Pedestrian safety along Oakland Street, West Street and Campus Drive is at risk. Drivers are regularly speeding at all hours of the day along these streets. Often, drivers do not stop at the signs at the corner of West and Campus. Additionally, the crosswalks have no signage and drivers regularly pass through without stopping, even when pedestrians are in the crosswalk or waiting at the crosswalk. Ideally, speed humps should be put in as this road is most frequently traveled by our youngest drivers who would benefit from being made more aware of their speeds. But at a minimum, more signage and police surveillance is needed.
  • 39 Park Ave Natick, MA 01760, USA - Natick
    the tree at the corner of Overhill and Park Ave needs to be trimmed (on the bottom) as it totally blockes the driver's view exiting Overhill onto Park Avenue . This is a safety hazard.
  • Purington Ave Natick, Massachusetts - Natick
    Hello - I live on Purington Avenue and we constantly have cars speeding down our street and throughout the neighborhood. Is it possible to request some SLOW signs or Children at Play?
  • 21 Oxford Rd Natick, Massachusetts - Natick
    The road appears to be caving in around the storm drain
  • 12 Shady Oak Ln Natick, MA - Natick
    There is significant water pooling at the street on Shady oak lane due to drop in level of asphalt in front of 12 Shady Oak lane. There is also loss of asphalt height around a drain at the corner of Shady Oak Lane and Madonna Rd which results in significant water pooling and street flooding with every rainstorm. Can you please investigate and repair the street?
  • 18 Evergreen Rd Natick MA 01760, United States - Natick

    Over 6", possibly 12" inches of standing water that won't drain. Close to flooding the houses. Road impassable in a car.

    This area repeatedly floods due to poor storm drain. It never seems to be addressed.

  • 45 Everett St Natick, Massachusetts - Natick
    Unfortunately the previous fix (piece of rubber) has either failed or been removed and this storm drain grate is clanking horribly. It is pretty frustrating as Loruso just installed this less than a year ago--so it would seem like they should come back and fix it. Now that it is summer and windows are open it's quite bothersome.
  • 54 Eliot Hill Rd. Natick, Massachusetts - Natick
    Berm is torn up and crumbling. About a 2' section.
  • South Avenue Natick, Massachusetts - Natick
    There is a lot of trash and glass all along South Avenue and the surrounding streets around the Police Station and Fire Station. There is also glass in the parking lots built up along the curbs. Is there any way this can be picked up? I personally do not feel comfortable walking my dog here and I am sure people do not feel safe with their pets and young children on these side walks.
  • Other Archived
    20 E Central St Natick, Massachusetts - Natick
    8/19/2017 3:00pm: Went in to the station to report a crime (robbery.) Officer Bordeaux "took the report," ended up calling me a liar and accusing me of committing a felony by filing what he believed to be a false police report, and threw his notes out as soon as he was safe behind the counter. So, what are we Natick tax payers paying for if your uniformed thugs refuse to do what they're paid to do? This is grounds for a lawsuit and you will be hearing from me and my lawyer shortly.