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  • 18 Marshall Ave Natick, Massachusetts - Natick
    My garbage was not picked up. I suspect the address exists as it is only the second week the address has been active.
  • 68 Eloit Street Natick, Massachusetts - Natick
    There is poison ivy growing out of the dirt at the parking area on Route 16, 68 and 69 Eliot, and also growing on the wall of the parking area closer to the Library. Can you remove it?
  • 16 Walnut St Natick, Massachusetts - Natick
    Missed one of our recycling barrels
  • Pothole Archived
    Evergreen Rd Natick, Massachusetts - Natick
    There are a few Pot Holes that are very deep and can hard to see when it rains.
  • 32 Russell Cir Natick, Massachusetts - Natick
    Tap water is very brown currently
  • 68 Eloit Street Natick, Massachusetts - Natick
    On the wall and ground at the parking area for the South Natick dam - 68 and 69 Eliot Street - there's poison ivy growing out of the dirt and debris near 68 Eliot, and there's poison ivy growing on the rock wall closer to the library. Can you clean up the dirt, and kill or remove the poison ivy?
  • 1-39 Boden Ln Natick, MA 01760, USA - Natick

    some jerk smashed a glass bottle on the sidewalk between the Boden Lane bridge and Rt. 135/West Central St. This is a highly trafficked area for people walking their dogs and children.

    if possible, would you please add this to any cleanup/repair list you may have?

    thank you!

  • Tree Issues Archived
    154 Walnut Street Natick, Massachusetts - Natick
  • 6 Taylor Ave Natick, Massachusetts - Natick
  • Hazard Trees Archived
    Woodland St. /Cottage Street Natick, Massachusetts - Natick
    Very low hanging tree branch is a danger to drivers on Woodland.
  • Sidewalk Archived
    Curtis Road Natick, Massachusetts - Natick
    A resident of Curtis Road (around #20, not exactly sure the house number) has a stone receding wall at the front of their property that abuts the sidewalk. During the winter, half of the stone wall collapsed and the stones are all over the sidewalk. This has been left there for months. My children ride their bikes on the sidewalk and I walk the sidewalk often. These bricks are a hazard to people using the sidewalk on this street. I ask that you please contact the owner of the house and demand that they remove the stones immediately as it poses a public hazard to citizens using the sidewalk.
    Thank you.
  • Pothole Archived
    6 School Street Ext Natick 01760, United States - Natick
    Six inches deep