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  • 47 Burning Tree Rd Natick, MA, 01760, USA - Natick
    A small mattress was left near the closed Boden Ln bridge at Burning Tree. By a telephone pole. It has been there since the weekend.
  • 209 W Central St Natick, MA, 01760, USA - Natick
    Waxing the city has newly opened apparently with Charlie Bakers approval. I think this is outrageous! It is a waxing studio, how much more up close and personal can you get! (During a viral pandemic) The place doesn’t follow sanitation guidelines, the waxers rooms are disgusting and not being sanitized after use. The girls there all seem miserable. I think the opening of a place this interactive and up close and personal is ridiculous. Covid will never go away with poor judgement like this.
  • 25 Euclid Ave Natick, MA 01760, USA - Natick
    Street light hasn't been operating properly. Someday's it will come on, not more than 5 minutes and shut down and makes the street dark.
    Difficult for neighborhood to walk around and vehicle traveling through.
    Thank You
  • 26 High St Natick, Massachusetts - Natick
    The street light on the corner of High St. and Nelson St. does not turn on just continues to flash.
  • Other Open
    149 S Main St Natick 01760 United States - Natick
    Overgrown weeds and grass from property impeding the sidewalk
  • 677 Worcester St Natick, MA, 01760, USA - Natick
    The Todos Dance & Fitness studio on Rte 9 is not enforcing state mandated social distancing and mask requirements. This can be confirmed on many social media posts by their coaches including Anya Sheedy, Dasha Goryaynova, and Alexandru Munteanu
  • Other Open
    341 Speen St Natick 01760, United States - Natick
    Home Depot is not following CDC guidelines. I am an employee and today there was no one counting customers in and out. Customers and employees both are not wearing masks. No one is adhering to the 6 ft distancing. People are everywhere. It’s complete chaos. There is one way in and one way out. When exiting the store you have to go through the checkouts where there is no way to avoid people by more than 2 feet. If this is an “essential business” than why don’t they have to comply? Thank you.
  • 23 Cottage St Natick, MA, 01760, USA - Natick
    The trash collectors leave drop and leave trash on the road in front of our house many weeks upon trash collection. This week is the worst I have seen with liquid and trash being left behind, please see picture. This is a public health concern as children and animals are walking up and down this street all the time. I am on the corner of Cottage and Walcott and this picture is taken on Walcott.
  • Glass Open
    2-60 Rathbun Rd Town of Natick, MA, 01760, USA - Natick
    There appears to be broken glass at the end of Rathbun Road, closer to the Oak Street end.
  • 115 Cottage Street Natick, MA, 01760, USA - Natick
    Crosswalk sign and pole on Cottage near Sanctuary Blvd. are down.
  • Bee St Natick, MA, 01760, USA - Natick
    Loose wires or cables wrapped at bottom of pole. Easy to grab them, trashy look in our neighborhood and unsafe for people and dog walkers. Also white cable hanging down also.
  • 22 1/2 Whittier Rd Ext Natick, MA 01760, USA - Natick
    downed wire....unsure