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  • 5 Allen St Natick, MA, 01760, USA - Natick
    Garbage bags are still outside
  • Other Open
    243 Oak Street Natick, Massachusetts - Natick
    Neglected property. Hoarding, black mold, rats
  • 13 Mansfield Street Natick, Massachusetts - Natick
    Low wires - Mansfield Street is being used as a detour from bacon Street by Wellesley town line.
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    149 Speen St Natick, MA 01760, USA - Natick
    Is it possible to make the left turn lane going north on Speen to a left turn lane for traffic going north and south on Speen. This would be from Lane Park to and including Army National Guard barracks.
  • 26-46 Lakeview Ave Town of Natick, MA, 01760, USA - Natick
    there are multiple cars parked on lakeview along dug pond where parking is no allowed
  • Pothole Open
    10 Possum Hollow Lane Natick, Massachusetts - Natick
    Large pot hole right at the intersection of Rabbit Run and Possum Hollow. Have to drive around it. Lots of additional smaller potholes on Possum hollow making it a bumpy ride. If these can be filled would be much appreciated! Thank you!
  • 17 Edwards Rd Natick, MA, 01760, USA - Natick
    Can you please pass to the public works that the street looks amazing after being swept!!!
  • Other Open
    Corner Of Rt. 27 And Floral/Plain Road Natick, Massachusetts - Natick
    I am Natick resident/taxpayer and I have seen a portable toilet (port-a-potty) sitting on Route 27 by the cross street of Floral and Plain for about six months with no idea of it's purpose. It is an eyesore on a very busy and visible street in our town and think it should be removed. I can be reached at for any follow up.
    Ryan Wagner
    Resident of Redmen Drive, Natick
  • 45-73 West St Town of Natick, MA, 01760, USA - Natick
    PLEASE patrol Dug Pond! Most afternoons, there is a crowd of teens who park their bikes and jump the fence to gather/swim/fish. None are wearing masks or distancing. Even worse, on Saturday 6/20, the beach was mobbed with families grilling, picnicking, and swimming. Never mind COVID, what if someone drowns? If we can post someone to guard the entrance to the NHS Track, can't we find someone (perhaps one of the lifeguards who can't work right now) make sure no one is entering illegally? Please enforce the No Trespassing order before we have a tragedy!
  • 2 Woodcock Path Natick, MA, 01760, USA - Natick
    Paving crew left an excavator bucket at the end of Woodcock Path that is completely blocking public access to Sudbury Aqueduct trail. They left it right across the entry to path, forcing elderly walkers, kids on bikes, dog walkers, etc. to climb over it.
  • 25a Hartford St Natick, MA, 01760, USA - Natick
    I have a dead possum in the front of my lawn and want to have it removed. Since I pay taxes for animal control, I should not have to hire a private company $250.00 to remove the animal. That is why we pay taxes, pandemic or not.
  • General Greene Ave & N Main St Town of Natick, MA, 01760, USA - Natick
    This intersection is passed all day by cars driving over the speed limit with very loud exhausts. Please put in a speed trap and curb this behavior. The Cochituate trail is right off this intersection and it's dangerous to pedestrians and those in the cycling lane.