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  • 12 Home Ave Natick, Massachusetts - Natick
    12 Home Ave is hording trash on the sidewalk in front of their house. IT'S BEEN 2 MONTHS. It attracts animals and is unsightly. Please make him remove it ASAP.
  • 72 Oakland Street Ext Natick, MA - Natick
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  • Pothole Open
    23 Oakridge Avenue NATICK, MA - Natick
    Have noticed this hole for over a week now, seems to get bigger everyday. Thank you!
  • 1 Chrysler Road Natick, Massachusetts - Natick
    The pool at the Avalon has a dangerous number of people in it during the weekend. Last weekend there were over 30 people in the pool on Sunday afternoon. Children in diapers floating in the pool. A child defecated in the pool last weekend and it remained open.
  • Pothole Open
    13 Wellesley Road Natick, Massachusetts - Natick
    Can't miss it.
  • 37 Speen Street Natick, Massachusetts - Natick
    There is a truck tire that must've fell off someone's truck that was on Speen Street. We moved it so it's leaning against the telephone pole outside our house if it could be picked up.
  • Other Open
    Cedar Gardens - Cedar Ave. Natick, Massachusetts - Natick
    Two large potholes opposite Building A; center of road.
  • 175 S. Main St. Natick, Massachusetts - Natick
    Someone has placed a large political sign/billboard at the intersection of Rockland and South Main. It has been there for over two weeks. The election is over and this is an eyesore that needs to be removed. I don't know if Natick has any bylaws about how long political signs may be up after an election, but it's time for it to come down.
  • 28 Winnemay St Natick, MA - Natick
    I originally thought that the pink bag donation bags was a good thing. Then I used it. I put out one bag, and was left two in replacement. After a few times of putting out one bag and being left two, I now have about 15 of these pink bags. I wrote the company asking if they might rethink their bag distribution process and received a business speak non-reply. I made up my mind then that I would no longer make use of this system. Now last week I went to buy my mandatory town blue bags for trash and was not happy to find that that package now comes with 2 pink bags. I DO NOT WANT ALL THESE STUPID PINK BAGS! I try to avoid the use of plastic when I can. Yet now I am forced by the town to contribute more plastic to the waste because of this program. Please rethink the distribution methods for these bags so that people who don't use them don't have to receive them.
  • 23 Walcott Street Natick, MA - Natick
    Where are the promised blinking crossing lights? They have been approved and even funded by TM, yet have never been installed. Why not? The road is incredibly dangerous to cross at dusk/ night, especially.
  • Other Open
    5 Dwight Ave Natick, Massachusetts - Natick
    Pavement sinking. Road needs to be repaved after water line work. Poor job patching
  • 1-7 Donovan Ln Natick, MA 01760, USA - Natick
    Cars continuing to park on Donovan at Marion. Very Close to corner. Visuals are challenging and road is narrow - these cars make it more dangerous for drivers entering/exiting Donovan at Marion. Cars speed up and down Marion with bridge out.