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  • I- 10 New Orleans, LA - Lakewood
    Many of the highway lights on Interstate 10 between 17th Street Canal and the railroad overpass are out and have been out for many years.
  • Post Oak Avenue New Orleans, LA - Tall Timbers-Brechtel
    This problem has gone on for a very long time and is getting worse to the point that cars can be severely damaged. More importantly, people could be hurt. This has been reported by the Tall Timbers Home Owners Association repeatedly and no action has been taken, yet, work is underway to make our sidewalks handicap accessible...a good thing but not as critical to the masses.
    Please respond to this email with information about this issue.
  • 8000 7900, 7800 Plum Street, New Orleans, Louisiana - East Carollton
    This area's street are narrow. Traffic is greatly increased by Mater Dolorosa church parishioners, Second Free Mission Baptist Church and Plum Street Snoball stand. This impedes traffic flow, including but not limited to service vehicles (garbage collection, tow trucks, etc) but more importantly fire trucks and ambulances. Have reported many times since 2008 to no avail. Need help PRONTO!!!
  • 2301-2399 Wirth Pl New Orleans, LA 70115, USA - Audubon
  • 4303-4311 France Rd New Orleans, LA 70126, USA - Desire
    One of the lamp posts on the western part of the spiral ramp from France Rd to Chef Menteur Highway is leaning over the roadway. It appears that two of the nuts are loose. Could this be fixed? It makes me nervous.
  • Street Liight Archived
    233 No Hammond Hwy. New Orleans, LA - West End
    Street light out and pole cracked and bent
  • 400 North Carrollton Ave. New Orleans, LA 70119, USA - Mid-City

    Many of the lights for the Carrolton branch of the Canal Street Streetcar line stay on in the daylight. This is wasteful in electricity, money, and for its contribution to the warming climate.

    From where I took the accompanying picture one can see about a dozen sets of lights on. (One additional light is peeking through the palm tree in the photo.) The picture was taken at 2pm!

    This kind of waste can accumulate to very significant amounts, and I'm willing to bet that this is not the only place this is happening.

  • Rue Michelle New Orleans, LA - Old Aurora
    Man hole cover lifted well above the street surface on the corner of Rue Michelle and Carlislie Ct. Once worked on leaky pipe below, now it is even worse. Also there is a city sidewalk in the middle of the block on Rue Michelle that has been busted for years, before 1998. The city has yet to fix it and it is VERY dangerous to young children!!
  • 3145-3169 Behrman Hwy New Orleans, LA 70114, USA - Tall Timbers-Brechtel
    This road that runs from Marr Ave to Berhman Highway is practically abandoned and in desparate need of rapair.
  • Giant pothole Archived
    3636 Upperline St New Orleans, LA 70125, USA - Broadmoor
    There's a pothole a few feet in diameter and probably just as deep that is right in the middle of the intersection of Upperline and S. Rocheblave. It's so old there are plants growing in it.
  • 5444 Durham Dr New Orleans, LA - Old Aurora