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  • 534 Cherry St North Wales, PA - Lansdale
    The two dog in this hoe were attacked by a large groundhog and they then killed it. However; the home owners never removed the animal and it is still there and starting to smell
  • York Ave Issue Lansdale, PA 19446, USA - Lansdale
    I just found several small squirrels trying to beat my door in. Does anyone have any peanuts????
  • 500-536 East Hancock Street Lansdale, Pennsylvania - Lansdale
    I've lived here for 17 years and this is one of my least favorite intersections in the area. The issue title says it all. Those on E Hancock simply do not have enough green when crossing over Church.
  • junk Open
    332 W 5th St Lansdale, PA - Lansdale
    junk on porch back yard overgrown fix it .
  • 233-235 East 5th Street Lansdale, PA - Lansdale
    When 233 E. 5th St isn't home, they place trashcans on the street to save "their" parking spot. The street is public, and the trashcans belong in the alley between 5th and 6th. This looks bad and ties up public parking.
  • Monticello Place Lansdale, PA - Lansdale
    street light is out
  • 757 East Main Street K Bulding Lansdale, Pennsylvania - Lansdale

    There has been dog poop problem in Wissahickon park apartment building K (front side). There is a black/white pug whose owners freely let him poop anywhere they want.

    I can see 30+ days they have continuously let it go despite complaints from residents. The management is not taking any action so far.

    Need Lansdale borough to check. This is near the water stream (wissahickon park/creek) and wells nearby and endangers the health of other residents.

    Please take action.

  • 112-140 Saint Elmo Street Lansdale, Pennsylvania - Lansdale
    I have seen a couple different abandoned vehicles through out Lansdale. There is a Jeep at 121 St Elmo Street that is 7 months out of inspection and the registration is invalid as well. It has front end damage from various accidents it has been in but it just sits there as an eye sore......
  • 3308 Brittany Pointe Lansdale, PA, USA - Lansdale
    At the corner, so marked, on Broad St., at the one-way side street entering Broad, are a number of newspaper vending machines standing on the sidewalk at the curb. When necessary to go through the intersection or in attempting to make a turn, the vending machines block vision of traffic that could be coming. I think it is dangerous and difficult to come out of that one-way side street onto Broad which is usually heavily trafficked. As a fix, the machines CAN be moved up the block several yards to permit a better sight-line, or they could be placed against the front of the building which I believe is a restaurant.
  • Green Street Lansdale Pa - Lansdale
    Pot Hole
  • 7th Street & Chestnut - Lansdale
    Horrible asphalt patching and potholes cover the road between 7th Street and Elm Dr.
  • 305 Crestview Rd - Lansdale
    When the streetlight at the end of my driveway kicks on every night it's extremely noisy and buzzzzzes all night.