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  • 700 N Broad St Lansdale, PA - Lansdale
    Return the left turn arrow on seventh street to "On Demand". Was that way before construction on seventh st. Now you sit there for a left turn arrow even if there is no one turning. Waste of time and gas!
  • 307 Derstine Ave Lansdale, PA - Lansdale
    While I agree that issues such as potholes and other road hazards are great topics for this type of presentation, complaints about the appearance of a persons residence should be out of bounds. My guess, none are verified before publication
  • 418-498 Edgemont Ave Lansdale, PA - Lansdale
    Roads need to be repaved! Why to bumpy and had ball joints replace in car due to them.
  • junk Archived
    332 W 5th St Lansdale, PA - Lansdale
    junk in back junk in front o the smell
  • Lansdale Avenue In Front Of Knapp Road Lansdale, PA - Lansdale
    When making left turn from Knapp onto Lansdale Avenue, there's a deep hole in middle of street on Lansdale Avenue.
  • Noway Drive lansdale, pa - Lansdale
    there is a bad speeding problem on this road. its 25 mph. children have to cross to go to park and walk to Knapp elementary.
  • Lansdale PA, USA - Lansdale
  • Potholes! Archived
    200-298 Fairview Avenue Lansdale, Pennsylvania - Lansdale
    Many potholes that make traversing the road nearly impossible.
  • 401-467 Walnut Street Lansdale, PA - Lansdale
    There are always people walking in the street all around this part of town Why can't they use one of the sidewalks?
  • 100 West Main Street & Green St. Lansdale, PA - Lansdale
    Septa originally placed a temporary bus stop on Green Street while Madison was under construction. It needs to be moved back there because people have a hard time crossing Main Street and bus travelers do not have adequate cover. The busses also park where people cannot see to pull out of the parking lot. Septa doesn't have to pay for an official spot as long as they use Green Street.
  • 500 Poplar Street Lansdale, Pennsylvania - Lansdale
    these pot holes need to be filled.
  • 351 E Hancock St Lansdale, Pennsylvania - Lansdale

    Speed limit on Hancock street is 25 yet no one seems to follow that.

    Andale green community is growing and currently no crosswalk between it and the stoney creek park. Given that the community is only in phase 1, foot traffic is going to no doubt increase, and that will include a lot of kids.

    In my opinion someone is eventually going to get hurt. It's like playing frogger trying to cross this street.

    I know that Lansdale is congested and there is also a lot of train traffic that further backs people up, but something is going to have to be done at some point especially if more houses and communities are built in Lansdale. No one should have to use Hancock as a freeway.