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  • 240-298 W 5th St Lansdale, PA 19446, USA - Lansdale
    As you exit the R5 lot onto 5th, there are 2 "No Left Turn" signs, yet nearly 50% of drivers ignore them. There are many children in the area and quite a few pedestrians. Please enforce the "No Left Turns" and make this area safer. You would generate thousands of dollars in revenue every day if this were policed.
  • Orvilla And Main (Welsh) Lansdale, PA 19446, USA - Lansdale
    Traffic almost always backs up due to the lack of a turn lane / light. One car may hold up the entire intersection waiting to make a left hand turn from Welsh(Main) onto Orvilla. Most cars can only turn once the light changes to red. There is not much room to open up the road, but something needs to be done. thanks!
  • 16-98 Railroad St Lansdale, PA 19446, USA - Lansdale
    Fix the huge dip in the road that has happened on the edge of the railroad tracks! Cars are now trying to avoid it and almost causing accidents.
  • 300-324 East 4th Street Lansdale, Pennsylvania - Lansdale
    Ive almost been in 4 accidents because of people speeding down this road and i feel that if this intersection became a 4 way stop there would be almot no chance for accidents to occur
  • 557 Poplar St Lansdale, PA 19446, USA - Lansdale
  • 6th Street Alley Going To Golden Living Nursing Home From Sixth Street In Lansdale Pa 19446 Lansdale, Pa - Lansdale
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 520 E 5th St Lansdale, PA 19446, USA - Lansdale
  • Knapp Road And Lansdale Ave Lansdale, PA 19446, USA - Lansdale
  • 130 E 5th St Lansdale, PA 19446, USA - Lansdale
    I think traffic wouldn't have a problem scooting through here at 35mph. I think my fellow commuters would agree.
  • 430 Pennbrook Pkwy Lansdale, PA 19446, USA - Lansdale
    traffic light to leave pennbrook parkway and turn left onto Church rd is too short. Traffic cuts through the aparment complex so there are always a lot of cars turning right giving the left turn traffic no time to get out. A left turn signal would greatly help has people can sit 15-20 minutes at the light trying to get out of the parking lot.
  • 601-699 Pennsylvania 63 Lansdale, PA 19446, USA - Lansdale
    Traffic light at Cannon and Main only stays yellow for 2.1 seconds making it near impossible to move thru intersection safely.
  • 853 Andover Rd Lansdale, PA - Lansdale
    You literally have to drive 1mph through this neighborhood. Where are the parents to these kids!!! Kids jump out at cars and one day one of them are going to get hit. Do these kids have parents? If they do, nobody is watching them. They ride their bikes, run out on the street to oncoming traffic. It's getting bad. I guess until someone's kid gets injured then they'll watch them.