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  • 101-139 W Main St Lansdale, PA 19446, USA - Lansdale
    Making a left on either madison parking lot side or even the other side of Green St is very dangerous. This problem should be fixed or major accident soon.
  • 719 W. Mount Vernon Lansdale, PA - Lansdale
    The electric lines in the alley behind York Avenue Elementary school connecting to the houses on W. Mount Vernon are too low. Someone almost hit them with a pipe this past week. They look like they are only 8 feet off the ground in some of the back yards.
  • 647 S Richardson Ave Lansdale, PA 19446, USA - Lansdale
    Many of Lansdale's children and families use this crosswalk to enter the Whites Road Park and Pool. Cars do not obey the 25 m hr speed limit, disregard the "state law to stop for pedestrian's in the crosswalk" and DO NOT even stop when we've been almost half way across the street. Please add a pedestrian traffic light before something tragic happens!!
  • 66-72 S Broad St Lansdale, PA 19446, USA - Lansdale
    The level of the street doesn't match the tracks.
  • Lansdale PA, USA - Lansdale
    Road work om Jenkins Ave at Stainbridge. Unable to enter the parking lot to the apartments
  • 145 E Main St Lansdale, PA - Lansdale
    Property looks good.
  • Lansdale PA, USA - Lansdale
    Why is this a one way street?
  • Shaw Avenue Lansdale, PA 19446, USA - Lansdale
    Is anyone in Lansdale having issues with their trash company picking up their trash? I have and the company usually gets a call every time they miss picking it up. I hear that most of them seem to do this and get away with it. Its bad enough I have 3-4 different trash companys driving down my block 2 times a week helping make the alley fill with pot holes. They expect the bill to be payed on time which it is but the service stinks. I would change companys if I was sure to get with one worth having. I dont want to come home and constantly find my trash hasnt been picked up. Is there any plans to try to improve the services? From what I see/hear they dont seem to care. My suggestion would be if they cant keep their customers in the borough happy maybe they shouldnt be aloud to pickup here. If I could list the whole area as an issue I would have.
  • Wedgewood Dr Lansdale, PA - Lansdale
    The borough is doing a good job maintaining the backroads by the park. However, the people assigned are not paying attention to the big mudholes (they are not being filled properly to make it even). It looks like someone did it for the sake of doing it.
  • Pothole Open
    9th And Walnut St. Lansdale, Pennsylvania - Lansdale
    Pothole is getting bigger - causing to veer to other side to avoid hitting it.
  • West Sixth St Lansdale, Pennsylvania - Lansdale
    White Chevy venture
  • 835-873 Lansdale Ave Lansdale, PA 19446, USA - Lansdale
    Some one should really take down the stop sign on this curve.