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Northwest Raleigh - 540 to 98

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  • 2313 Finley Ridge Lane Raleigh, NC - Raleigh Council District A
    New section of Finley Ridge, from Candor Oaks to Morocroft, has no street light. We are requesting lights for loitering concerns and general safety.
  • State Road 1529 Raleigh, NC 27615, USA - Raleigh Council District A
    We need to get a Greenway Etiquette sign up on the Baileywick Trail. It is important that people understand the law of the greenways becuase they are not the only ones on the track. There are runners, walkers, bicyclists, and you need to respect the rights of others when using the Greenway system.
  • 8801 Glenwood Avenue Raleigh, NC 27617, USA - Northwest
    On the intersection of Davie and Blount Streets in downtown Raleigh, there should be a sign on the traffic light with the "no left turn" or "no right turn" symbol. We live right on this corner, and I can personally attest that many cars go the wrong way due to this missing information on the traffic light. There is a "one way" arrow, but it isn't in the right place. In fact, there are several corners downtown that need clearer signs on the traffic lights to point out one way traffic. I hope Raleigh will take care of this before someone gets hurt. Thank you.
  • Northern Wake Expressway Raleigh, North Carolina - North
    During high volume times traffic backs up from the exit ramp onto 540. This is very dangerous and it seems like adding a lane on the right side to go onto the exit (like the Six Forks exit does) would help a lot.
  • Deep pothole Archived
    Six Forks & Mourning Dove Raleigh, NC - Raleigh Council District A
    There are several very deep potholes at the intersection of mourning dove dr and six forks rd.
  • 12301-12305 Glenlivet Way Raleigh, NC 27613, USA - Wake County

    Comment to your response:
    Isn't there a more long term solution.
    These roads (especially Glenfiddich) are in really bad condition. It seems the state should have a better solution than not fixing it. These are designated as state maintained roads.
    The condition of these roads is hurting our property values and are unsafe in addition to damaging our vehicles and tires.
    Thanks for what can be done!

    J. Orr --

    Glenlivet Way is the egress road for a development where this is the only way in or out...this greatly increases traffic in addition to the "normal" traffic fo the people that live on this road.

    Glenlivet and Glenfiddich are so damaged with "alligatoring" that fixing a couple of potholes is a waste of resources. They fix a few and these crumble back out almost immediately.

  • Street trees Archived
    2720 Snowy Meadow Ct. Raleigh, NC - North
    Well, this really isn't an issue. Our cul de sac has spent a great deal of money ($3500. so far,) to keep our city owned street trees alive by a two year contract with Bartlett Trees. The trees were sick but are so much better! I really wish I had taken before and after photos because you would never believe these trees would still be alive, but they are. Now, it would really be great if the city would send guys out to shape up these trees just a little bit. Some of our-your- trees are bending over the sidewalks but we know we can't trim them because they are not our trees. There are still a few dead limbs that need to be removed. We will greatly appreciate any help you can give us .I really can't go back to my neighbors to ask for more money to pay Bartlett to trim our/city trees. Thank you.
  • 2106 Hopeton Avenue Raleigh, NC 27614, USA - North
    I see a number if fire hydrants in Bedford have received a new cost of paint. Who does this and what determines when & if they get painted. Many in Bedford are very faded from the sub. Thank you.
  • New Falls Of Neuse Road Raleigh, NC 27614, USA - North
    there is a dead deer on southbound Falls of Neuse road.
  • 1871-1899 Dunn Road Raleigh, North Carolina - North
    Trees in median are blocking signs. Please trim back.
  • Upper Neuse River Greenway Raleigh, NC 27614, USA - North
    Broken greenway bollard at Falls River Avenue parking lot
  • Deer Run raleigh , NC - Wake County
    lots of crumbled asphalt which is very dangerous for bikers and very unsightly as well