Monte Sano

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Monte Sano neighborhood

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  • 4523 Panorama Drive 35801 - Huntsville
  • 607-611 Monte Sano Boulevard Southeast Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    Weeds interfering with sidewalk
  • 3799 Fearn St Se Huntsville, AL 35801, USA - Huntsville
    2 golden retrievers
    1 black dog with bobbed tail
    Running loose and aggressively confronting dogs being walked on a leash. This happens regularly can you please put a stop to it before someone or their dogs are hurt.
  • 3700 Lookout Drive Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    The northwest corner located at the culvert in the curve of Cooper and Lookout has extreme vegetation, silt and debris that prohibits the natural water run-off. Years of sediment build-up has caused water flowing through the culvert to stagnate in a large pool. A short section of the natural drainage on the west side of the road needs to be re-opened to assist in water run-off and and avoid breeding grounds for mosquito's which could result in a health hazard. Thank you.
  • 1287 Castlegate Blvd Se Huntsville, AL 35801, USA - Huntsville
  • 4825-4899 Panorama Dr Se Huntsville, AL 35801, USA - Huntsville
    Fire hydrant leaking
  • 3706 Nolan Avenue Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
  • 10 Old Chimney Rd Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    Sinkhole forming in the yard...may be a result of pipe recently installed.
  • 1411 Monte Sano Blvd Se Huntsville, AL 35801, USA - Huntsville
    Space between the sidewalk and the road that is the city easement has a huge hole and it's getting bigger and the sidewalk is already broken there.
  • Animal - Dead Archived
    307 Monte Sano Blvd. Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville

    I called animal services about a week and a half ago about a dead armadillo on the road. They never took care of it. It has since, been pushed to the sidewalk.

    Will someone please take care of this?
    Thank you

  • Pothole Archived
    1800-1836 Monte Sano Blvd Se Huntsville, AL 35801, USA - Huntsville
    Multiple potholes between panorama and hikers parking lot in south bound lane.
  • 5077-5113 Panorama Drive Southeast Huntsville, AL 35801, USA - Huntsville
    Bushes/trees have grown two feet into the street. Causes blind spot in the curve.