Monte Sano

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Monte Sano neighborhood

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  • Other Archived
    501 Monte Sano Blvd Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    back yard flooding, ongoing problem
  • Lookout Rd & Cooper Street Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
  • Animal - Dead Acknowledged
    3911 Panorama Dr Se Huntsville 35801, United States - Huntsville
    Sometime over the weekend a deer was struck on Panorama, it appears that a neighbor has wrapped it in a tarp and moved it off the side of road into th empty lot across the street from 3914 Panorama Drive. Can the city crew that handles this do a pickup?
  • 3700 Lookout Drive Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    The under road culvert at the corner of Cooper Street and Lookout Dr. (Monte Sano) is clogged and causing water back-up. I am in process of clearing my property at the corner of Cooper and Lookout for home construction. I filed a request to have this culvert cleared a couple of months ago and received confirmation that it would be done but so far it has not. Is there something else that I need to do for this request? Thanks so much. Bob Heinisch
  • 4713 Panorama Drive Southeast Huntsville, AL 35801, USA - Huntsville
  • Skyview And Panorama Dr Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
  • 1838-1898 Monte Sano Boulevard Southeast Huntsville, AL 35801, USA - Huntsville
    Couch and more
  • Pipe issue Archived
    3221 Panorama Drive Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    at the corner of Bellcrest there was a pipe put in underneath her driveway. The pipe is clogged and needs to be cleaned out, it is causing her driveway to hold water. please call her.
  • 4903 Panorama Drive Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    water does not flow to the pipe that goes under the driveway. The water pools in front of the new driveway that she has installed.
  • 407 Viduta Place Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    The drainage ditch is stopped up and not draining water
  • 1289 Beckett Drive Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    Check tiled drain
  • Pothole Archived
    3706 Nolen Ave Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    asphalt needs repair at end of driveway at street