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  • Graffiti Archived
    Oak Street East Hartford, CT - East Hartford
    There has been a deer crossing sign covered in graffiti for over 5 years now. Its an eyesore and you can't even see the photo on the sign in an area where deer often cross to access Porter Brook. Is this fixable? The sign is located heading south on Oak Street, just before the intersection of Farnham Drive. Thank you
  • 32 Devon Dr Central Manchester, CT 06040 - Central Manchester
    Due to lack of storm sewers, the road is washing away during every heavy rain. The road is now full of potholes and broken pavement.
  • 82 Wedgewood Dr. Manchester Ct - Central Manchester
    Owner Has approx 10 to11 Automobiles in yard. Some don't even run. It becomes a rodent problem.
  • 80 Main St North Manchester, CT 06042 - Central Manchester
    The granite curb all along this section has sunken level with the roadway, but at one point (unfortunately right in the crosswalk), there is a rather deep hole, large enough to break the ankle of an unwary pedestrian. Raising the curbs would be a big project but a bit of asphalt in the crosswalk hole would be an easy fix until the curbing is restored.
  • 76 Oak St. 06118 - East Hartford
    Somebody set up a stand in a residential area of E. Hartford and is selling pocketbook
  • School St And Spruce St Manchester, CT - Central Manchester
    The traffic light gets stuck and will not detect traffic heading east or west on School St. This creates a safety hazard as people need to get to work and often have to go through the red light.
  • 121 Union Street Vernon Rockville, CT - Vernon
    end of driveway that opens onto state highway 74 has eroded into a curb that is damaging the underside of cars that pull in and out of there. State has been called and don't seem to care that their roadway is causing damage to our cars. It was paved over 5 years ago but that has eroded away and it's now a curb again.
  • 1231 Main St Central Manchester, CT 06040 - Central Manchester
    The lights under the American and town flag lights are out. I have reported to the town but they haven't changed them yet.
  • 111 Hilliard Street - Manchester
    The Sidewalk is barely passable as the grass and brush on both sides of it is almost 3 feet high kids have to walk in the street sometimes it is so bad
  • School St - Central Manchester
    I know vacuum day is coming but that does not give one the right to fill the road with leaves. I wish the police would come give everyone with leaves in the road or on the sidewalk a fine!
  • 25 Strant Street Central Manchester, CT - Central Manchester
    Since Hurricane Irene, the streetlight in front of 25 Strant has been out due to a broken connection which clearly visible from the ground. The light is mounted on pole #4116. I called CL&P to report the outage and they said I had to report it to the Town of Manchester. I reported it to the Town, who in turn uses a different procedure to report it to CL&P. For this particular pole number, CL&P says they have no complaint against it. Can you help? ? ?
  • Potholes Archived
    153 Union St CT 06042 - Manchester
    Before you fill the potholes on Golway Street, check. I think a VW Beetle is in one of them.