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Manchester CT

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  • 91-93 Kimberly Drive Manchester, CT - Manchester
    area around steel grid is undermined asphalt is actually falling into drain system
  • 172 Porter Street Manchester Connecticut - Central Manchester
    There is a storm drain on Porter St. by the junction of Porter and Parker that does not drain after a rain storm. It causes a large puddle to form at the stop sign, and could lead to icing problems this winter.
  • Broad St Manchester, CT - Central Manchester
    Mieneke On Broad St in Manchester fixed my car cheap, honest great job
  • Birch Mountain Road Manchester, CT - Manchester
    On Birch Mt Rd between Sharon Dr and Dennison Ridge
  • E Center St & Spruce St Manchester, CT - Central Manchester
    Possible timing problem between the left turn Arrow signal going west on E Center St onto Spruce St and Green light going east on E Center Street.
  • Tolland Turnpike Manchester, CT - Manchester
    Road sign is bent down toward street, sticking into shoulder, cyclists, pedestrians are in danger of hitting.
  • overgrown weeds Acknowledged
    41-43 Bissell St Manchester, CT 06040 - Central Manchester
    2 family previously very well maintained , new owner has not maintained yard
  • East Coast Greenway Manchester, Connecticut - Central Manchester
    The residents of this address have been seen killing squirrels with bb guns in order to protect their bird food. Many dead squirrels have been found thrown into the next door's property. Also their backyard is so neglected that it looks like a jungle. Their trees have not been cut for several years, and as a result has grown over and into the neighbor's yard. Their grass, trees, and bushes are so overgrown that many animals are using this yard as a place to live or as a playground. Please help.
  • 1224 Pleasant Valley Rd CT 06074 - Manchester
    The light here to turn left on to 84 stays red for about 3 minutes and once it does, is only green for half a minute requiring two cycles if you're in the back.
  • 65 Pearl St Manchester, Connecticut - Central Manchester
    The street light on Pearl St opposite 63-65 has been out for about a week making the street very dark and potentially unsafe.
  • Farmstead Rd East Hartford, CT - East Hartford
    This tree limb prevents motorists from using the right lane of the street. It is 4 feet above the pavement.
  • 18 Main St Manchester, CT - Central Manchester
    $3900 missing from car raffel for 2011. EMT arrested for heroine was on duty during this period. Entire even swept under the carpet. WHY.