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Manchester CT

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  • 1231 Main St Central Manchester, CT 06040 - Central Manchester
    The lights under the American and town flag lights are out. I have reported to the town but they haven't changed them yet.
  • Prospect St Manchester, CT - Manchester
    Spray-painted racial graffiti on culvert under Prospect Street, visible from the sidewalk. Please paint over it! Also, broken glass on the sidewalk.
  • School St And Spruce St Manchester, CT - Central Manchester
    The traffic light gets stuck and will not detect traffic heading east or west on School St. This creates a safety hazard as people need to get to work and often have to go through the red light.
  • 25 Strant Street Central Manchester, CT - Central Manchester
    Since Hurricane Irene, the streetlight in front of 25 Strant has been out due to a broken connection which clearly visible from the ground. The light is mounted on pole #4116. I called CL&P to report the outage and they said I had to report it to the Town of Manchester. I reported it to the Town, who in turn uses a different procedure to report it to CL&P. For this particular pole number, CL&P says they have no complaint against it. Can you help? ? ?
  • 205 Kennedy Rd - Manchester
    I watch people drive through this stop sign as if it's not even there. The neighborhood is filled with children and elderly people. I have seen drivers hit speeds that could not have been any lower then 35mph directly through the stop sign. The road condition is bad and getting worse by as the weeks go bye. They patch the road, but the patch's never take hold and just become gravel that becomes dangerous to speeding motorists. It's a tragedy waiting to happen.
  • West Center Street Manchester, CT 06040 - Central Manchester
    There is broken pipe covers .. looks like its sharp . please fix . can cut my tires . thanks.
  • 60 Deerfield Drive - Central Manchester
    Deerfield Drive is the only street in the neighborhood which does not, and never had, curbing.
  • Broad Street manchester, connecticut - Central Manchester
    The whole street is loaded with pot holes . please fix them fill the holes.. thats all .. thanks .
  • 46 Ansaldi Rd Central Manchester, CT 06040 - Central Manchester
    New telephone pole is being replace in center of sidewalk.Why?
  • 46 Lenox St Central Manchester, CT 06040, USA - Central Manchester
    Have seen possible drunk driving
  • street light Archived
    181 W Center St Central Manchester, CT 06040 - Central Manchester
    going north or south on keeney-mckee st thru intersection of w. center light takes too long to change and then its short fix it please
  • Tufts Dr Manchester, CT - Manchester
    WOW....Tufts DR has many small children, yet cars FLY on this street. A stop sign at Tufts/Steel Farm would solve this problem